The Commissioner of the chain doomsday hit, we should decide on what path to follow


if you still as usual again to build the chain every day, such as to get the anchor text hang forum signature? This is cheating link! Think of every exchange of several friends of the chain? This is cheating link! You think about the group or blog group to large-scale production chain? This is cheating

from Shanghai love a series of measures in light of the recent love Shanghai in 2013 will focus on supporting the original site, waste site under the foot, which will give us the direction of Shanghai dragon, do not send a few outside the chain of the forum dedicated to today, tomorrow to get a signature! We must clearly recognize that, regardless of the search engine to the viewer, on the Internet, these. read more

Scindapsus algorithm is love Shanghai profit means or technology upgrade

algorithm upgrades love Shanghai Scindapsus has exceeded the original several algorithm of adjustment, both the original phoenix nest plan or a variety of plans are not Scindapsus algorithm lethality, because Scindapsus algorithm has been directed at Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers work core, two important aspects of the chain and soft, has let the optimization workers in Shanghai Longfeng hope through opportunistic no way, in fact it is said to enhance Shanghai Longfeng optimization cost, on this basis, on the one hand, Shanghai Longfeng optimization cost increase, on the other hand, the success of the Shanghai dragon optimization time has become more and more long, in this context, the owners of the operation of the site. Is to continue to adhere to the Shanghai dragon optimization, or choose to leave to devote himself to love Shanghai bidding system read more