first_imgWe hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE around 11:00 today local candidates running for public office will be filling their campaign finance reports?  …we are hearing that one candidate has raised an impressive sum of money for his political war chest?  …we are hearing rumors that when this candidate publically releases his campaign finance report today it will cause his political opponent a major heartburn?IS IT TRUE we just received word concerning the candidates running for Vanderburgh County Commission finance reports?  …that since May 11, 2018, Jeff Hatfield has raised a whopping $192,078 and has $52,722 on hand? …since January 1, 2018, his opponent Mike Duckworth has raised $99,000 and has $18,971 on hand?IS IT TRUE that we been told by reliable sources that the new owners of Ellis Park (Saratoga Gaming of New York) is considering an unsolicited offer from and out of state gaming establishment to sell the track to them?IS IT TRUE that Evansville has one of the most charismatic and hard working Mayors in years?  …Mr. Winnecke is also very personable and likable? …we wish that he would put more focus on budgetary issues and stop going along with every capital project that comes along?  …that Mr. Winnecke has a lot of talented people that surround him and he should start seeking their advice before he agrees to invest money on big-ticket items?IS IT TRUE we expect that the most current State Board Of Accounts audit of the City Of Evansville will be released at the end of this month?  …we are told that the questionable costs findings listed in this audit will be interesting?IS IT TRUE we are also told that the practice of not posting unrecorded accounts payable in a timely manner will soon be coming to an end?  …that Finra and the SEC are requiring cities with populations greater than 100k to submit the year-end financial report to the State Board of Accounts by using the accrual method of accounting starting in 2019?  … that the good news is that it looks like the City Controller of Evansville will be required to record unpaid bills at years end even if they are have not been paid?IS IT TRUE that City Council Finance Chairmen, Jonathon Weaver recently informed members of City Council that the City has a spending deficit of $13 million so far this year?   …right after Mr. Weaver informed Council members about the unacceptable deficit spending habits of the Winnecke Administration members of City Council immediately voted to approve the 2019 City budget by the vote of 8 to 1? …you guessed it, Mr. Weaver was the only Council member that voted “NO” to approve the 2019 City budget?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that the forensic audit of ECHO Housing Corp. may have been completed?  …if this information is correct we wonder why the results haven’t been made public?IS IT TRUE we are told that many people are getting tired of receiving letters from the HomeServe USA Repair Management Corporation of Norwalk, Ct. concerning an exterior water service line coverage program offered by them to Evansville Water and Sewer customers?  …we wonder when a customer of the Evansville Water and Sewer Department sign up for this water line protection program does the Evansville Water and Sewer gets a financial kickback from the Serve USA Repair Management Corporation of Norwalk, Ct?IS IT TRUE that Steve Hammer was recently was defeated in an extremely competitive Republican primary race for County Commissioner but he still remains involved in our community? … that Steve Hammer continues to be active in Vanderburgh County CASA, “A Hundred Men Who Cook”, “A Hundred Guys Who Cares”, YWCA Of Evansville, Ziemer Society Of St. Vincent, helping with the “Mickey’s Kingdom” playground project at Sunset Park, attempting to coach his daughter 3rd grade basketball team at St. Ben?  …we would also thank him for hiring long-term unemployed veterans to work at the Roca Bar-North and helping to feed the less than fortunate citizens of our community?  …we commend Steve Hammer for continuing to be a caring and productive citizen of our community?  …we also like his choice in a life mate? …Steve wife Ashely is also supporting his effort in helping our community to become a better place to live and raise families?Todays“Readers Poll” question is: If the election was held today in the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor race who would you vote for?If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us [email protected]: City-County Observer Comment Policy.  Be kind to people. 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