first_imgOn Sunday night, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead played their third show in as many nights at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY to wrap up their first run on 2018. The previous night, keyboard maestro Marco Benevento had fantasized about his dream “festival” before covering the old Chuck Berry song of the same name. “We’ll all be there together smilin’…and huggin’…and laughing’…and tellin’ each other how we love each other,” he preached, and on the third sold-out night JRAD’s year-opening run, there was no doubt that this atmosphere of love and togetherness and music was being realized at the historic theater.Watch pro-shot footage of the first set-opening “Samson & Delilah” below via<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>The show began with a rousing run through “Samson & Delilah”, beginning the trend of “tearing that whole building down” which held true throughout the evening. “China Cat Sunflower” followed, continuing the upbeat, singalong pace already established for the set. The classic tune eventually made its way into Jerry Garcia Band favorite and frequent JRAD vehicle “Rubin and Cherise”.From there, the band acknowledged this long, strange, incredible weekend of music with a 16-wheeler-sized “Truckin’”, bringing out frequent live guest multi-instrumentalist Stuart Bogie to help elevate the songs peaks with saxophone bliss. The roaring engines of “Truckin’” idled after 15 minutes or so, as the band broke down the jam into a shapeless breezy whisper led by Bogie’s flute. That plush vamp swung right into “Tennessee Jed”, the flute adding a unique, lighthearted texture to the tune before it built to a brolic organ and guitar peak. Finally a big “Greatest Story Ever Told” (featuring some some subtle “Bird Song” teases) brought set one to a close.Watch the second set-opening “Man Smart, Women Smarter” below via sixth and final set of the weekend began with a plucky rendition of “Man Smart, Women Smarter” featuring Bogie on the clarinet, which lead into another rocking classic singalong in “Bertha”. A brief “Mr. Charlie” followed, before Benevento, bassist Dave Dreiwitz, and Bogie (now on saxophone) led the crowd on a dreamy instrumental walk through the proverbial garden with Neil Young‘s “Harvest Moon” shining overhead.From there, the remaining ~50 minutes of the set was zero-filler, grade-A JRAD improvisation; the type of segment that cements perceptions of this band as more than just a group playing the Dead’s songs. Of course, with the horns in their arsenal for the night, the band opted for “Eyes of the World”, an extended trip through the song with traces reminiscent of the Grateful Dead‘s 3/29/90 version with Branford Marsalis at Nassau Coliseum.“Cumberland Blues” chugged in next, providing a highway-rocking road trip that led, eventually, to the “Big Dance”: a set-closing “Dancin’ In The Streets” jam that is sure to be mentioned among the band’s best from this day forward. “Dancin’” rode in on the driving, freeway cruising jaunt of “Cumberland,” and kept up the disco-funk groove with Bogie shining on his sax solo.  At one point early in the extended improvisation, Marco seemed to stumble upon the keyboard part for Dire Straits‘ “Money For Nothing”. Responding the cheers the tease drew from the crowd, Benevento continued the trick, fleshing out a few measures of the songs keys part. The whole outfit quickly fell in behind him, as they moved into a full-band “Money For Nothing” jam before continuing the “Dancin’” improv journey. The jam continued from there, exploring a broad swath of sonic spaces, from slinky keyboard grooves, to raucous guitar peaks, to eerily dissonant spacey sparseness over the course of its nearly 30 minutes.For their encore, Russo counted the band in at double-time, launching them into a cover of Dr. Feelgood‘s 1975 rock n’ roll hit “She Does It Right”, before putting the final touches on the weekend with “Chinatown Shuffle”.JRAD will now take a brief break from the project until their next performance on February 15th at War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville. For a full list of upcoming dates, head to the band’s website.Listen to full audio of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s Capitol Theatre finale below courtesy of taper nico11104:Watch an assortment of YouTube videos from the show below:“Man Smart, Woman Smarter” (via monihampton)“Rubin And Cherise” (via Sean Roche)“Tennessee Jed” (via Sean Roche)“Greatest Story Ever Told” (via Sean Roche)“Bertha” (via Sean Roche)“Eyes of the World“ (via Sean Roche)“Dancin’ In The Streets” (Partial, via monihampton)“Money For Nothing” jam (via Sean Roche)“She Does It Right” (via monihampton)“Chinatown Shuffle“ (via monihampton):SETLIST: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead | The Capitol Theatre | Port Chester, NY | 1/14/18Set 1: 9:00pmSamson & DelilahChina Cat Sunflower>Truckin’*>Tennessee Jed*>Greatest Story Ever Told10:13pmSet 2:Man Smart, Women Smarter*Bertha*>Mr. Charlie>Havest Moon (instrumental)*>Eyes Of the World*>Cumberland Blues>Dancin’ In the Streets*Encore:She Does It Right*Chinatown Shuffle*Notes*With Stuart Bogie (Sax/flute/clarinet)Dancin’ In the Streets contained multiple teases and jams,including Money For Nothing and The In Crowd[Cover photo via Andrew Scott Blackstein Photography]last_img

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