first_imgGhost Light has shared the professionally-shot video from their recent concert at Atlanta’s Terminal West back on December 1st. The show was part of the band’s 2018 fall/winter tour that began back in September, and featured the rock/jam quintet giving their Atlanta fans some lively renditions of covers and originals over two sets and an encore.One of the show’s highlight moments came at the end of set two when they tore into a lengthy rendition of American Babies‘ “This Thing Ain’t Going Nowhere” sandwiched between an original tune, “Best Kept Secret”.The 22-minute video of the two-song mashup opens up slowly with pianist Holly Bowling seen and heard getting her keyboards dialed in on all levels before guitarists/singers Tom Hamilton and Raina Mullen step to their mics to begin singing the opening lyrics to “Best Kept Secret”. The two guitarists are locked in sync with one another as the lyrical song continues with a strong chord progression. The song takes a thrilling and gritty turn when Bowling begins hammering away at the keyboard shortly before the video’s 4:00-minute mark. The rest of the band follows her instrumental lead, and before long the entire venue is engulfed in a slightly dark atmosphere of dissonant notation and collaborative energy.Related: Ghost Light Shares Full-Show Audio From Holly Bowling’s Birthday In BoulderHamilton and Mullen continue the opening moments of the jam with more of their impressive synced guitar licks before everything starts to slow down for what would be a few minutes worth of relaxed melodic bliss. The jam picks up more and more steam beginning around the 12:20 mark, mostly thanks to Bowling’s continued exploration of her keyboard. Hamilton soon takes the reins in starting his own solo nearly 14 minutes into the video, and stays at it for a climactic two-minutes worth of shredding. The audience can be heard showing the band plenty of love as the jam begins to calm down and bring everyone back down to earth with some slightly atmospheric noodling from Hamilton before Bowling’s piano takes the band back into “Best Kept Secret” with an abundance of energy starting at the 18:30 mark. Wow.Ghost Light – “Best Kept Secret” > “This Thing Ain’t Going Nowhere” > “Best Kept Secret” – 12/1/2018Ghost Light continues their winter tour with a pair of shows at Phil Lesh‘s Terrapin Crossroads on December 27th and 28th before returning to New York City for a late-night Phish afterparty at Sony Hall on December 30th. Tickets to all three shows can be purchased by heading over to the band’s website.last_img

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