first_img– Advertisement – Making visual engineering accessible and empowering everyday people, The Garage Learning DIY Kits inspire creativity and give you the skills and tools you need to create amazing videos. Use them in conjunction with The Garage Learning’s online courses—available in beginner, intermediate/advanced, and pro—because these DIY kits suit anyone and everyone. In fact, they’re for filmmakers, photographers, food stylists, tinkerers, hobbyists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, makers, and more. The collection of kits include LED Lights, Triggering Devices, Catapults, Sliders, Turntable, Dropper, and Pourer. LED Lights to teach the basics of electricity and how to solder and work with LED strips. Additionally, Triggering Devices teach you how to power objects in a repeatable and programmable fashion, DMX basics, and Arduino. Furthermore, Catapults can launch liquids, solids, and products. Sliders move cameras, models, and objects in a smooth, controlled fashion. And Turntable, Dropper, and Pourer kits spin products, pour liquids, and drop objects.last_img

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