first_imgWhen asked how the President of the Management Board of Tele2 would present Croatia to the world, Viktor Pavlinić answered: “Through people! Croats are a great combination of creativity and self-organization when it matters most“. The director of Dukat, on the other hand, believes that Croatian quality is an advantage for domestic products over those from foreign markets. “I see Croatia as an ideal place to live. I tell all Croats to appreciate the privileges they have. “, concluded Marek Warzywoda. Sinčić Ćorić also emphasized that we need to develop a brand that is different from the brands of countries that are our competitors and attract similar investors. “Croatia is already known for its knowledge, innovations and natural beauties. Our lifestyle, way of thinking and the character of our people is also something that makes us different compared to competing countries. If Danes can promote their concept of happiness, then we certainly have a lot more to promote. The idea is to create a brand that our people really live and that will be an integral part of our identity.”, Said at the end of her presentation prof. dr. sc. Sinčić Ćorić. “The priority is to raise awareness of Croatian national identity first among Croatian citizens, and then to brand that identity in the world. For that, we need a body at the level of the Government of the Republic of Croatia that will coordinate the systematic promotion of Croatia. “, concluded Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić, presenting the previous conclusions of the work of the working group for creating the identity and brand of Croatia, which was founded by the President of the Republic of Croatia. At the same conference, the second round table on the perception of Croatia in the eyes of multinational companies was held, with the participation of the President of the Management Board of Tele2. Viktor Pavlinić, Uber CEO for Southeast Europe Davor Tremac and Director Dukata Marek WarzywodaThe main conclusion that could be heard after the round table is that Croatia is absolutely competitive on the foreign market. Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić, head of the Working Group of the President of the Republic of Croatia for the development of the identity and brand of the Republic of Croatia, pointed out that although the EU presidency is a political event, it is also an opportunity for communication. “We can present all our successes – from character, ideas, sports, economy to raising money for the treatment of little Mile. We participated with other institutions and generated joint content that met with positive reviews. We still lack a body for the image of Croatia to be synchronized given the diversity of messages we send ”, says Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić. Can Croatia become a cultural, economic and political brand thanks to the presidency of the European Union 2020? Two key speakers of the conference prof. dr. sc. Krishnamurthy Sriramesh, professor of public relations at the University of Colorado, and prof. dr. sc. Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić, professor at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb and leader of the working group of the President of the Republic of Croatia for creating the identity and brand of Croatia, opened the conference and said that Croatia has not fully used its potential for branding. Kristjan Staničić, Director of the CNTB Head Office, emphasized that they recognized the importance of synergies between tourism and other spheres that can help Croatian branding. “Sports events, as well as cultural events, are opportunities for additional promotion, and as the live broadcast of the last episode of the Game of Thrones is being prepared on May 20, it will be an opportunity to promote Croatia in the world. “, said Stanicic. Ivan Barbarić, Vice President of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce for International Affairs and the EU, pointed out that Croatia is recognized as a tourist destination. “Unfortunately, the story seems to stop there and that is why we have to make a step forward. We have many companies, along with the recognizable Rimac, that are the first in the world in their niches. Made in Croatia it may not represent a quality like the Swiss and German brand, but we have to work to become that. Croats in the world are also known as professional and hardworking, so in combination with everything they can help raise awareness about us. The economy has to be the icing on that cake because without a quality economy everything else comes into question”, Concludes Barbarić. Zvonimir Frka Petešić, head of the Office of the Prime Minister, adds that the presidency of the European Union is an exceptional opportunity to promote the country. “If we could have started preparations earlier, we could have branded our presidency more clearly, but there is enough time to do everything we need and how we need it. The visual identity of the presidency has been chosen to be presented a few months before the presidency begins, and the slogan is currently being chosen. ”, points out Petešić.center_img How to make the most of this opportunity was the topic of the round table Croatia 2020: Challenges of the EU Presidency for International Positioning, which was held as part of the Communication Management Forum 2019 conference. “Croatia is among the few countries that have reached the possibility of a transfer in the shortest phase of EU membership. This fact represents a great challenge for us, but also a huge opportunity for promotion. In seven months, we will have the opportunity to communicate with a large number of people every day in different formats. Most of the events will be held in Brussels, but about XNUMX of them at the highest level, including meetings of EU ministers, will be held in Croatia.”, Pointed out the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Marija Pejčinović Burić. The participants of the round table agreed that Croatia has something to show to the world and that its market is interesting for companies such as Uber, Dukat and Tele2. “Croatia is absolute best buy. Uber recognized that four years ago. After that, we decided to make a seemingly small investment and launched Uber Boat in Croatia. For Croatia’s reputation at the world level, that meant everything. The news of the arrival of Uber Boat was in 400 articles of the world’s leading media.”, Said Davor Tremac from Uber.  The third edition of the international scientific conference Communication Management Forum 2019, organized by Edward Bernays University College was held in Zagreb under the title “In search of a common denominator: communication, tourism, national culture and brand.”  As Croatia will take over the presidency of the European Union on January 1, 2020, Zagreb will become the capital of Europe for half a year, along with Brussels. The attention of the European and world public will be directed towards Croatia, which will create European policies and become a meeting place for the highest European political officials. The Communication Management Forum is held with the aim of combining scientific-research and professional views on the issue of branding. Through a combination of knowledge and research in the fields of anthropology, sociology, psychology, communication, political science, economics and marketing, the goal is to make interdisciplinary recommendations to improve the branding process that is much talked about in public today, especially when it comes to state branding. The conference gathered 250 participants, including 150 exhibitors who will present scientific papers on the topic of branding.  Round table: Perceptions of Croatia in the eyes of multinational companies “Public relations means not only the communication of ideas, but also the interpretation of culture. They are an important agent in the process of acculturation and interpretation. In order to be successful in what we do, we need to raise awareness of the importance of culture and social value“, Said Krishnamurthy Sriramesh in an introductory lecture on the importance of culture in establishing a brand.last_img

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