first_imgNewsTalk ZB 5 October 2015A complaint has been lodged with the police over the planned Boobs on Bikes parade in Auckland.The parade, which features bare-chested women on motorcycles parading down Queen Street, is scheduled for Wednesday as part of the Erotica Expo.Conservative lobby group Family First have lodged the complaint.Spokesman Bob McCoskrie says he’s written a letter to the Auckland Police Area Commander and the Minister of Police asking them to prevent the stunt going ahead.“We believe it’s shocking that an offensive parade, which is basically promoting the pornography industry is allowed to go down a main street in Auckland during school holidays.”“There’ll be lots of families, lots of kids, and it will be highly offensive.”“We’re calling on police and the council to stop this parade going ahead. This is not a Santa parade or a sports event or a celebration. This is a marketing ploy for the porn industry.” on Bikes complaint sent to police3News 5 October 2015Lobby group Family First has complained to police about the upcoming ‘Boobs on Bikes’ parade in central Auckland, saying it could cause “widespread offence”.The parade is scheduled to take place on Wednesday and involves both topless men and women riding on motorcycles along Queen St.In a letter to police and Minister of Police Michael Woodhouse, the conservative group argues the parade shouldn’t take place at a time children are on their school holidays.“We would strongly argue that the ‘Boobs on Bikes’ event will cause widespread offense to many families and the police should not allow it to happen,” writes national director Bob McCoskrie.“Most New Zealanders know it is indecent and inappropriate for a woman to be topless in a public place – which is why there is no acceptance of the behaviour in schools, workplaces or public gatherings.”He says it is not up to families to avoid the parade, but rather up to the parade to “meet community standards”.“Unless you can absolutely guarantee that no children will be exposed to this parade, we would plead with you that you ban the parade from happening.”

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