first_img“We have reached out to the employeesbut they made it difficult for themselves,” they noted. “Those employeesabandoned their work after the standoff and went AWOL.” The group claimed they were “illegallyousted” after they did not take sides with the Yansons fighting over theirmultibillion-peso bus empire. In a press conferenceat the Negros Press Club on Tuesday, the dismissed workers said they “decided to come outinto the open so the public will know what kind of union they have.” The group, however, insisted thattheir termination came about through collusion between VTI president Leo ReyYason and PACIWU-TUCP. BACOLOD City – The PhilippineAgricultural, Commercial and Industrial Workers Union-Trade Union Congress ofthe Philippines (PACIWU-TUCP) has denied involvement in the “illegaltermination” of some Vallacar Transit Inc. (VTI) employees. They added that those who sought theirhelp all returned to work.“We previously warned employees not to take sides in the ongoing feud withinthe Yanson family who owns VTI,” they said. The union leaders said they insistedto help those affected workers, which they claimed resulted in 80 of themgetting their jobs back. “We strongly condemn our dismissalfrom work without justifiable reason and process,” they said. “We stronglycondemn the silence of our union and its pro-management stance.”/PN But these allegations were thenslammed by PACIWU-TUCP national president Hernani Braza and VTI Union presidentFranny Santarin. last_img

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