first_imgA new type of contract is included in the Season 4 updates to “Warzone” in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” that enables players to get blueprints on their weapons mid-game.The mission, called contraband, is different from previous types of contracts in that users must complete several steps beforehand and get gun boosts rather than just cash or revivals. Here are the most important details for the “Warzone contraband contract:MORE: How jailbreak works in “Warzone”What does the contraband contract in ‘Warzone’ do?Completing the mission nets you a unique weapon blueprint available only though the contraband contract that lasts permanently for the remainder of the game. How can you get the contraband contract?You must first complete one of the standard “Warzone” contracts — scavenger, bounty or recon — in order for a contraband contract to show up on the map to take on. Once you complete that initial contract, you’ll see an icon for the contraband contract on your mini-map.From there, you will be instructed to drop off contraband at a specified location. You can also get contraband through an important shortcut: Killing a player already carrying contraband. If you manage that, you can simply pick up the contraband and deliver it to the required location to obtain blueprint loot without needing to complete an initial contract.How do you complete the contraband contract?Simply follow contract instructions and deliver contraband to the specified location in order to collect your weapon blueprint. Actually acquiring the contraband contract is probably more complicated than completing the mission once you have it activated.What happens to the contract if you die?If you die with the contract in hand, it’ll drop on your body for pick-up like the rest of the items in your possession. It’s worth noting that opponents won’t know you’re carrying contraband until they’ve killed you.last_img

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