first_imgThe first two rounds had something in common: they traced back home the disadvantage of the first leg. The victims were Tenerife B and Moralo, leaving La Nucía as the final rival in the final by Segunda B. The Municipal of Linarejos left everything open for the return, with the plus of not having regretted any visiting goal. In the decisive one, Bolo advanced to Linares, who would suffer his modus operandi in the two previous phases. Torres put the boards in 71 ‘and San Julian gave his glory to the horn. A major disappointment, which, of course, has failed to sink the Andalusians.22 to 20 teamsOne of the most news of the Third Division last season was the massive decline of Group IX after the failure of the Andalusians of Second B and the Federation remained firm in its idea of ​​reducing the supranumerary group from 22 to 20 teams. In this way and despite the claims of those involved, the burden was reduced by four parties. Something that, no doubt, help the four clubs for the Playoff, as they will arrive on equal terms towards his rivals of the other groups and not with 360 minutes more under his legs and the need to play several games per week to meet the calendar.Near the machada in Copa del ReyThe RFEF gave this year the opportunity for Third Clubs to measure themselves from the first round with a First or Second Division. The chance of the balls meant that the rival of Linares was Girona and the heroic was not exactly far. Lara ahead of the locals in Linarejos, but Marc Gual, now Real Madrid Castilla striker, was responsible for breaking down the dreams of Juan Arsenal’s team. Even so, the balance of the competition was positive and the place for next season is practically guaranteed. So it will be as long as it does not fall from the first place.The results now support a team with ten years of history, after he had to be reborn in 2009, beginning his career in the First Provincial. Soon they responded on the grass, reaching Third in 2012-13. Of course, the fourth category of Spanish football has punished Linares on numerous occasions, which he achieved a heroic rise in 15-16, but was not able to maintain the category. Who knows if your current career will take you back to the best. Surely, it is the objective. It’s more, its president Jesús Medina chatted with AS and prioritized promotion before playing the Cup semifinals. He also defined the club he runs as a “family”, focused on “work” and always walks hand in hand with his fans.If these lines have not served to understand what is the Linares in the grass, the same president explains: “The game system is variable, the coach likes to change a lot, even on different occasions throughout a match. Sometimes we go out with a line of three, sometimes with four behind … We are changing, but we like to have the ball. Maybe last season more, but in this we still have it. Sometimes we wait for the rival and go out with fast transitions“It works and is already on its way to Second B. The fate of the ball will say, but the course is almost unbeatable. The Third Division of Spanish football is a battle without quarter that faces the 18 groups to the major challenge of making the leap to professionalism. For this reason, and despite the budgetary differences between the clubs, until the last day there is usually a fierce struggle to occupy the Playoff positions and, above all, to reach the first position, which gives an unpayable opportunity: to have a double option in the qualifiers for promotion. Moreover, in most tables there is still competition. The same does not happen in Group IX where there is an undisputed leader. Or, rather, a cyclone called Linares.The Andalusian team has, nothing more and nothing less, 17 points ahead of the second classified. In the absence of 14 days, it is evidence that will dispute the direct tie for the promotion against another of the leaders, although from the club they remain cautious. 24 meetings later, the Linares records are almost perfect: suma 65 in the locker, 21 wins, 2 draws, only 1 loss, 54 goals in favor (2.25 per game), 13 against! (0.54 per duel) and a margin of 24 points from the fifth classified. In other words, only a miracle will take them away from the postseason. The data is even more striking if they are broken down. Juan Arsenal gave wings to his players from day one. So much so that they added a whopping eight consecutive start victories. That’s when The Ejido, currently ranked second, managed to overthrow them. That happened on October 20 and, since then, the fans have not gone home with the disappointment of defeat. Two draws as a visitor also represent a small stain on his impolite curriculum. Merit, of course, given the conditions of the fields, the hardness of the category and the mental strength not to decline despite the capital advantage that it has.Debt with the LinaresLast season Linares was one of the best teams in the entire category with a total of 90 points. This course is on the way to adding a similar figure, despite the fact that Group IX has two less teams. Even so, he suffered a chronic evil: the presence of Real Jaén. It is not usual to see someone reach the three figures in the classification, but the jienenses succeeded. 101 points endorsed them in the face of the Playoffs, but the disappointment was capitalized. This year they continue the rivalry, although with a notable difference of score. Despite being able to eliminate Alavés from the Copa del Rey, Jaén is experiencing a bad year at the sports level (fifth of the group) and, especially at the institutional level, since they are on the verge of disappearance.The Playoff, a mousetrapDespite the good performance of Linares Deportivo last season, the fact that Jaén was a colossus deprived him of having a double option. So, had to face three qualifiers to ascend to Second Division B. Despite so many months of success, the Playoff does not forgive and a ruling can condemn you to media ostracism one more campaign. However, the work of the team was not disappointing at all and remained at the gates of celebrating the change of category.last_img

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