first_imgWell, with this context, about 100 professionals from the Baskonia Group -Players, coaches, assistants or employees of Alavés and the basketball team- were subjected to tests. The club paid for a private service and, at the Mendizorroza and Buesa infirmaries respectively, they passed the controls. Osasuna has today declined the option of carrying them out in Pamplona. Also is true that Alavés announced last Saturday two positive cases in the technical-sports structure and that raised the alarms. It also didn’t help much that Mendizorroza’s last visitor was Valencia, one of the most affected clubs.The Basque Government Health Minister, Nekane Murga, has been blunt when questioned in this regard. “I think they have not made a rational use of health resources“He commented. In the current context, with a scenario of widespread sustained community transmission, the new protocol is very restrictive and obviously does not include asymptomatic youth.As for the delivery of medical supplies by both clubs to the Txagorritxu hospital, it must be agreed that “all natural or legal persons are obliged, within 48 hours, to deliver to the health authorities masks, gels, PCR tests or rapid detection devices in addition to other materials” It was an order from the Ministry of Health on Sunday night. Compulsory, not voluntary.On the other hand, Both Baskonia and Alavés announced yesterday that they will pay tribute to public health in the first two official matches of both squads with a message on the shirts (front and back) that will remember “OSI Araba”, an entity that brings together the hospitals and outpatient clinics of the province. Alavés and Baskonia, obviously, hardly ever visit public hospitals. They have their mutual, their private centers (San José Polyclinic) and they have the advice of the most experienced physicians in sports injuries such as the famous traumatologist Mikel Sanchez, Rafael Nadal’s doctor, Mikel Landa or the King Emeritus among other athletes. Deportivo Alavés football and Baskonia basketball passed medical tests for the coronavirus yesterday in a territory totally plagued by the pandemic. The official figures are far from reality because there are thousands of citizens going through hardships at home with the uncertainty of whether they have the virus or not. And light cases are no longer tested (that is, more or less 80% of the total number).Communicating with the ambulatory is science fiction, there have been people who have spent almost two hours listening to the violins of the piped music on 900 203 050 (for Álava it is no longer operational) and common sense leads people from Vitoria not to go to the ER due to saturation and to make room for cases related to the elderly or groups at risk.last_img

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