first_imgMany years ago a young boy named Isaac Toe lived with his parents in a small village.Isaac was the last of 12 children, ten boys and two girls. Isaac’s father was a hunter and his mother a market woman. His uncle’s name was John, a businessman in the city.  Isaac was a clever boy who had lots of love for education, which was all he ever wished for.  His aim was that one day he would earn a doctoral degree. He also wished to be a good and responsible man in the future.Isaac used to walk four kilometers to school, located in another village. One day Uncle John came to Isaac’s father in the village to ask whetherIsaac could accompany him to the city and the father agreed and few days later arrived in the city. Isaac’s uncle had three sons, two of whom were in Isaac’s age group. Isaac had to do all the work at home, such as washing his uncle and aunt’s clothes and also those of his three cousins. Isaac was also required to clean the house floor, wash the dishes as well as his uncle’s car. Nevertheless Isaac did not worry about working but only worried about his education.  He knew that only one thing made him to come with his uncle, and that one thing was education.  Isaac did not care whatever treatment his uncle gave him.One day Isaac’s father came to visit them in the city. When the father arrived, he saw his brother’s children watching television. When he asked for Isaac, he learned he was in the back yard. At the backyard he saw the work his son was doing and became unhappy about it. So the father decided to take Isaac back to the village but Isaac begged his father to let him stay, and his father reluctantly agreed.When Isaac’s father returned to the village, his uncle did not change his nephew’s situation. His three cousins did not show interest in their education simply because they were aware of their father was well-to-do. Their father on many occasions advised them about the future but they never cared.Years later, Isaac began to make lots of money and was glad that he achieved his goal. Sadly, his three cousins lived from hand to mouth when their father had died many years later.Isaac’s cousins eventually learned that parental advice is the best way forward and everything in life has time.But Isaac did not forget about his cousins and would provide them basic things to make their lives more comfortable, for Isaac remembered the goodness that his uncle did for him and therefore became an important person that the family looked up to.Editor’s Note: Master Marcy T. Forpoh is a high school student.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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