first_imgWhat is wrong with these Somalia Drive people? They are bent on being totally unpatriotic, frustrating every government effort to bring development to the country.Who are they anyway? Why are they so anti-development, fighting every effort the Liberian government and its international partners are making to help fix this war-ravished Liberia?Scarcely a year ago, they were found obstructing the construction work on the four-lane highway linking the Free Port of Monrovia and the rest of Bushrod Island with Paynesville Red Light. Our Japanese friends, the government and people of Japan, are giving Liberia a wonderful gift of a four-lane highway to connect the Free Port ofMonrovia, the major point of import into the Liberia, to the rest of the country. It is from the Free Port that goods imported into the country are transported not only to the Red Light, but far beyond, to the central, western and southeastern parts of the country.This highway is also intended to ease the embarrassing and vexing traffic congestion the hundreds of thousands of residents around the Somalia Drive and its neighboring housing estates must travel every day on that decades-old corridor from the Free Port and the rest of Bushrod Island to Paynesville, other parts of Monrovia and to the Liberian interior for work, school and business.As though the Ellen government had committed a crime against them by convincing our Japanese friends to construct the highway, these Somalia Drive residents started setting up roadblocks in the way of the construction sites and insisted on conducting their market businesses in the middle of these sites. Where in the world would anyone find people so selfish and unpatriotic as to obstruct development?But worse yet, these Somalia Drive residents started stealing the crushed rocks and sand that the builders had purchased and hauled in for the construction! This is not only unpatriotic but criminal behavior.And to prove to all Liberians and to the world that these Somalia Drive people are not interested in development and are prepared even to commit crime in pursuit of their nefarious (wicked) deeds, they started stealing the very electricity that the government is striving so hard to provide, after the 14-year civil war and the destruction of the Mount Coffee Hydro-electric plant and other electrical facilities that plunged Liberia into darkness. Who now are those making moves to prevent the Somalia Drive power thieves from prosecution? Those so involved are also accomplices and should, along with the actual power thieves, be swiftly brought to justice. We commend the LEC team, led by its Deputy Managing Director for Commercial Services, Madam J. Famatta Carlon Sirleaf, for their gallant efforts in busting this criminal gang of power thieves on Somalia Drive. We urge DMD Sirleaf not to rest until all involved are brought to justice. This will serve as a deterrent. We cannot sit idly by and permit LEC’s efforts to be frustrated and Liberia to remain in perpetual darkness. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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