first_img…escape with $2.4M Armed bandits invaded a Black Bush Polder, Berbice home and carted off with $2.4 million in cash and jewellery.Reports are three masked men used a crowbar to break into the two-story building situated at Lot 13 Mibicuri South, Black Bush Polder, and carried out the robbery. At the time, Rohit Ramnarine and his wife, Lilowwattie, also called “Salojie”, were not at home and their two children ages 12 and 13 were alone.Guyana Times was told that the men wrenched open the back door at about 21:00h on Friday night as the children slept in the upper flat of the building.The businessman, who sells combine spare parts and also vegetables, told this publication that he and his wife left at about 20:00h to go to Port Mourant.This publication understands that when the men entered the home, they woke the teenagers and then used a bedroom door curtain to tie the 12-year-old boy.Reports are one of the men, who had a gun, demanded that the children tell him where the money and jewellery were but when they hesitated, one of his accomplices grabbed the teenage girl. In an attempt to save his sister from injury, the brother showed the bandits where his parents hid the money.The teen took the bandits to the lower flat of the building where he showed them a container which had $1,200,100. After taking the money, the men ransacked the entire house in search of more money and stumbled upon the jewellery.This newspaper was told that before the men left, they took the two children into the bedroom and locked the door and told them not to make a sound. After some time had passed and there were no more sounds of the men in the house, the children telephoned an older sister who lives in the same village and their mother.Ramnarine said when he arrived home, the entire house was ransacked. The businessman said he had taken the money home before the holiday to pay for some combine spear parts, but his supplier informed him that they would not have arrived until the new year.The Police were called and an investigation has been launched.last_img

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