first_imgNot too many people have old dot-matrix printers these days – most of the ones left are usually used to print receipts on long strips of paper that are then ripped off and handed to a customer. Now, a group of artists and makers have managed to cobble one of those receipt printers together with a PlayStation 2 controller and a digital sensor to make a pretty impressive racing game.The receipt printing game was built for the OFFF art and digital culture festival in Barcelona, Spain. The team behind the game chose an old thermal receipt printer because they’re common, throwaway devices and the paper for one can be obtained for about $0.80 per 50 meter roll.AdChoices广告The game itself is a single-player survival-style racer. When the game starts, your “car” is a blue light projected on the paper. You use the PS2 controller to move your car left and right on the “track,” which is actually printed on the paper. The real challenge of the game is to manage your digital car and how it moves on a physical medium that’s in motion.As the roll of paper is printed out, the track moves toward you and you have to move your car around obstacles and stay on the road. If you hit an obstacle or veer off the printed road, the game ends, the printer stops, and your total distance and time is printed at the bottom of the paper. The developers note that you’re bound to die anyway – even if you manage to survive, the game will end when the paper roll runs out.Don’t expect this to wind up in your local game shop anytime soon. The game is entirely an art project, but it’s a fun look at what’s possible with some normally old and castoff items and a little talent.Read more at CrackJack (German) via This is My Nextlast_img

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