first_imgAs far as technology has come in 2013, advertising hasn’t made too many noticeable advances. It has made leaps to different platforms, but aside from being able to scrape your browser history to see which category of products you’re most interested in, ads tend to stick to videos, product placement, or still imagery.Perhaps the biggest technological advancement an old advertising staple, the billboard, has made is that LED and LCD units can change ads on a timer. Even though this doesn’t seem like the most futuristic advancement, it allows billboards to be tampered with in such a way that isn’t simply spray painting some graffiti over the ad. Case in point, an electronic billboard in Serbia was hacked to display The Pirate Bay logo.The billboard was located in a prominent location, Republic Square in the center of Belgrade, which is not only Serbia’s capital, but also the country’s largest city. The hacked billboard displayed The Pirate Bay logo alongside Ghandi’s quote, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”A group of computer science students performed the hack simply to show that people should pay more attention to IT security. They said that in a world like ours where information is so readily available, one can easily learn simple hacking protocols, so higher security should be a focus. They said they feel that The Pirate Bay is the closest thing we have to an “apolitical independent worldwide organization” that believes in free speech and is against any kind of censorship.Aside from The Pirate Bay advertisement, the students also played some Space Invaders on the billboard (using a smartphone as the controller), as well as displaying a banner that read “hacking4fun.”Amusingly, Serbian media said Anonymous was responsible for the hack, but the students denied they were part of the collective. Check out a video of the team doing work, below. You might want to turn down the volume, unless you’re a big fan of aggressive electronic music that would stereotypically be associated with hackers.last_img

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