first_imgMicrosoft has released their first DLC for Halo: Spartan Assault with five new levels, new vehicles, and better support for Windows 8 and older Windows Phone devices.Re-imagining Halo for the mobile landscape was a daunting task, but 343 Studios pulled it off and made Halo: Spartan Assault something great. To take something like Halo and translate it to a touch environment without losing the excitement and action that users expect from a Halo game took a lot of work, but it’s clear with the release of an update so soon after launch that the company has no plans to stop optimizing this experience for new audiences.Operation Hydra is a chapter update to Spartan Assault that adds five new levels focused around a new mission. The screenshots provided by Microsoft show you’ll have access to new vehicles and be expected to continue fighting large scale combat sequences on the small screen.This update is more than just gameplay, support has been added for Windows Phone hardware with only 512MB of RAM, which opens the total list of mobile devices up a bit. If you’re playing Spartan Assault on a desktop or non-touch laptop with Windows 8, Microsoft has something special for you as well: the Xbox 360 controller is now supported by Spartan Assault on Windows 8, so you’ll be able to plug in and play using the same controller you’d use on your television.Halo: Spartan Assault is still one of the more expensive Windows Phones and Windows 8 games out there at $6.99, but the experience is unlike anything else you’ll play on mobile for the price. The update is free, and rolling out to both Windows marketplaces today.last_img

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