first_img“After a pandemic strikes, a dorm complex at a small American college is quarantined with all of the students trapped within. What first starts out as youthful freedom from authority soon devolves into a violent new society-it’s Lord of the Flies on a college campus.”If you’re ever looking for something that crosses between Lord of the Flies, 28 Days Later and Contagion, Lazaretto #1 is the comic you want to read, and you will not regret it.LAZARETTO #1 (W): Clay McLeod Chapman (I): Jey Levang (L): Aditya Bidikar (CA): Ignacio ValicentiClay McLeod Chapman’s new series from BOOM! Studios titled Lazaretto is by far one of the naturally unusual comics I’ve ever picked up. What do I mean by ‘naturally unusual?” I mean, it’s bizarrely realistic and relatable that you can’t help but sink yourself into the sickness and not look back.via BOOM! StudiosLazaretto #1 tells the story of Charles and Tamara, two starting first-year students at Yersin college. Both of the students are very different, and they take their first days as diverse as they are. Charles almost naturally blends into the background, and Tamara just wants to go home. Although their paths are different, the two quickly strike up a friendship to get by. In the mists of this, the “canine flu” aka H3N8 has been spreading with any knowledge of where it came from. As the kids try to keep themselves from infection, this flu comes with a bigger scale of consequences.Clay McLeod Chapman certainly knows how to make a pandemic even scarier. The build-up in the narrative is tremendous. As the story develops, the sickness grows. Chapman’s script leaves you holding your breath and gasping for air. But also you’ll want to see your nearest doctor as you watch all of these sick kids get sicker. You’re almost left to feel claustrophobic as the students share such close proximities with one another. Chapman brings the slow and steady pace of this script to give you the full punch in the gut right as the full-blown pandemic happens and leaves you at its mercy.Chapman also brings you into the story while the pandemic is already breaking out, which is utterly brilliant. He leaves you with questions after you read the first issue. How did the canine flu first come to pass? Will the kids be okay within the contagion hall? Will they start to turn on each other? How ‘Lord of the Flies’ will this story become? Chapman leaves you begging for more.via BOOM! StudiosJey Levang’s illustrations are positively sickening, and I love it. Their art brings a gruesome face to this pandemic. The slow progression of his build-up marches with Chapman’s script. Remember how I said the sickness grows, Levang’s captures it and makes it even more ghastly than words could describe. Levang’s colors create an even more vomitrocious look with their art. They lace the panels sick in greens and reds in the wake of the pandemic, which become even more apparent once its spread. Levang’s is somewhat of a newcomer, but they’ve been around for awhile. If you haven’t read their webcomic HeLL(P) co-created with C. Vinter, I highly suggest diving into that while you wait for Lazaretto #2.Lazaretto #1 is already shaping into something that you can’t put down. It’s not only a mystery of how this sickness has spread but becomes a survival tale. Not only on how to survive college, but how to survive the everything that the outside brings in. Lazaretto #1 is available now on Comixology and in print.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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