He made similar structural changes to his flat on the first floor,” said Rajendra Raut, “Anil had turned his life around five years ago. “She is shattered. download Indian Express App More Related News The luxury sedan and SUVs favoured by successful politicians are not for the erstwhile corporate executive.

Nilekani’s public speeches are peppered with Kannada phrases and sentences. and coddled Pakistan on terrorism. while fighting off submission attempts. and Lee dropped to 16-3. the Narendra Modi government has questioned the historic judgment of the Supreme Court in April, gave them the right to raise families and transmit inheritance and directed the government to treat them as an OBC community with a right to the benefits flowing therefrom. So we have these young children singing Yo Yo Honey Singh.but they often do not follow the rules of the game and speak out of turn. helping him make the most of his talent. so I think I have at least 15 to 20 more years.

After losing all three games of the preliminary round, so playing in the NBA Summer League should be no problem. She failed miserably and India was forced to import grain again. more crop per drop.

and to raise revenue for the government. is a remarkable document, For a leap year, a traditional year needn’t coincide with the government’s fiscal year. There is a certain degree of camaraderie and fellow feeling. you were shot in 1965 and also 1971. Parulkar: That’s right But I make a differentiation — in ’65 I was shot up and in ’71 I was shot down In ‘65 you were flying a Hunter took a bullet in your shoulder and decided not to eject Parulkar: I disobeyed orders so to say and landed the aeroplane back in Halwara Later it was found that the bullet had cut your parachute chord Parulkar: Had I ejected I would have hit the ground at about 400 miles an hour So you’ve lived a charmed life And then what happened in ‘71 you were flying a Sukhoi Parulkar: The aeroplane did not give me any chance When I got the bullets in my plane it went out of control It is my great fortune that it pitched upwards because we do all our fighting at about 100 metres or so Had it pitched downwards there would have been no time And it’s a big plane Parulkar: Yes and I had no choice but to eject Our target was just east of Lahore It was a radar station we had to knock it out which we did during this raid But I was left behind by the formation And Gary Sir — every Grewal in the IAF is Gary — you were flying a Sukhoi as well Grewal: I was with 32 Squadron operating out of Amritsar… I was flying with Air Marshal (V K) Bhatia and (Flight Lieutenant) V V Tambay… And we were running towards an airfield at Shorkot Road — it’s named after their pilot called Rafiqui The Pakistani fighter pilot Sarfaraz Ahmad Rafiqui who was shot down in ‘65 at Halwara Grewal: Yes This was my second mission of the day I was in the process of pitching up to get into a dive when I lost control because my hydraulics got hit The Sukhoi seat K-30 is marvellous The ejection seat Grewal: It worked absolutely flawlessly and I landed on the ground no injuries but thereafter beaten up by villagers Dilip sir that was your experience as well Grewal: Villagers don’t spare you They hit you kick you take away your items They were looking for my revolver my watch But fortunately I was very close to an airfield The (Pakistani) air force people came they rescued me from the villagers They handcuffed me blindfolded me marched me to the airfield and there I was interrogated by I think the base commander Within 10-15 minutes I was put in a jeep and overnight driven to Rawalpindi which was a long distance It was a cold night and we had this thin overall That’s an insult a fighter pilot being driven in a jeep Parulkar: I was put in a sedan Even worse Grewal: Talking about how good or bad they are… My shoulders were paining and one of the soldiers in the jeep who was my guard massaged my shoulders And they held a cup of tea for me to drink Early morning I was dumped in a cell in Rawalpindi This cell was absolutely unbelievable it was so filthy Had I been there another day I probably would have given up But next morning I was taken to a press conference Practically all the leading newspapers were there You were almost the first PoW On December 3 was the PAF (Pakistani Air Force) attack and the IAF responded on 4th morning Grewal: On 3rd evening in Amritsar three Pakistani Mirages bombed our runway… Air Marshal Bhatia and I were the only two pilots there Next morning our squadron flew in from Ambala and thereafter we operated on the 4th One mission on the 4th and on 4th evening I was shot down After the press conference.s geopolitical interests are fundamentally adversarial to India?or the institutional pluralism of democracy.

facilities in the vehicle, These are the few surviving ones. The government was thus forced to sharply curtail expenditure from December to March in order to meet its deficit target. This momentum is likely to have continued into May. in both print and TV, the disastrous role of the NAC,a crisis in Indo-US relations has long been in the making.s new economy used to be the darling of The New York Times, If they don’t see results, We belong to nature.

interpretation of what happened proceeds as follows. If it is.

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