if you still as usual again to build the chain every day, such as to get the anchor text hang forum signature? This is cheating link! Think of every exchange of several friends of the chain? This is cheating link! You think about the group or blog group to large-scale production chain? This is cheating

from Shanghai love a series of measures in light of the recent love Shanghai in 2013 will focus on supporting the original site, waste site under the foot, which will give us the direction of Shanghai dragon, do not send a few outside the chain of the forum dedicated to today, tomorrow to get a signature! We must clearly recognize that, regardless of the search engine to the viewer, on the Internet, these.

! ?

in the short term, this make snap on some love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng means the ban may cause some manslaughter phenomenon, will lead to some complaints, also let a lot of people are unemployed, but in the long run, the domestic Shanghai Longfeng market is bound to be formal, as the saying goes, long pain short, cut the Gordian knot is good.

Lee can be said about this "chain" judgment meaning is very far-reaching, on the one hand, let people clearly love Shanghai Shanghai dragon of garbage chain and chain cheating attitude; on the other hand, it is a subtle to reform internal structure of many Internet companies.

in fact, standing in Long Yu point of this article is very supportive of the Lee, although China in Shanghai Longfeng has developed for nearly ten years, but until at least 2013, or a variety of chaos, clicks, hang black chain cheating repeated, this is really not a mature Shanghai dragon the market should have.

said above all, in the "chain" judgment, seems to have become the chain of garbage and cheating in the manufacturing chain, let us look at the Lee outlined the garbage chain scope

you know, the chain of garbage is also better, had no impact on the site, but the chain of cheating are miserable, you do not do as well, on your website only bad, no good! This is that all the chain commissioner "doomsday" has come to


in the optimization of the company or enterprise served friends all know, in the optimization team, the chain Commissioner position can be said to be an indispensable position, but in April 25th, Shanghai love Webmaster Platform Lee a "chain" judgment, seemed to make a lot of chain specialist unemployed, not know what? Why did this happen? This is speaking from the Commissioner of the chain of responsibility, a medical team had previously worked long Yu, optimize the team all should be similar, the post served as Commissioner of the chain exchange chain, chain (including but not limited to the forum outside the chain, classified information, soft chain, the chain blog posts and so on).


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