algorithm upgrades love Shanghai Scindapsus has exceeded the original several algorithm of adjustment, both the original phoenix nest plan or a variety of plans are not Scindapsus algorithm lethality, because Scindapsus algorithm has been directed at Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers work core, two important aspects of the chain and soft, has let the optimization workers in Shanghai Longfeng hope through opportunistic no way, in fact it is said to enhance Shanghai Longfeng optimization cost, on this basis, on the one hand, Shanghai Longfeng optimization cost increase, on the other hand, the success of the Shanghai dragon optimization time has become more and more long, in this context, the owners of the operation of the site. Is to continue to adhere to the Shanghai dragon optimization, or choose to leave to devote himself to love Shanghai bidding system

Scindapsus prompted businesses select bidding


if you choose the latter, keyword bidding costs a lot of money to pay. Love Shanghai is cut into this huge piece of cake, is nothing more than the surplus value as far as possible the mining of the Internet, and Shanghai has decided to love on the field of vertical search, even users search through love Shanghai platform for users also need to invest some of the search costs, which means that the surplus value in order to further squeeze the love of Shanghai the traditional Internet, has begun to move out of the last resort, thus to make money through Shanghai Longfeng optimization will become behoove.

webmaster friends also need not to be too sad, after all, the soft and blow the chain is not a very simple thing, you know recently in Europe and the United States launched a crackdown on the chain and soft movement, but in the end still is from the soft judgment settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, after all, search engine intelligent need higher, otherwise if a large area of Cuosha normal text, then the user is not only Voices of discontent. Even many enterprises, in cooperation with Google will be hit, it was.

only love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm upgrade or to make money, why? First look at the object against a Scindapsus algorithm, is outside the chain, the other is soft, which is basically all the website of low cost operation, an important mode of marketing is also the site of the after sale way these two aspects are love Shanghai shield, so webmaster want to enhance the visibility of the site, or to walk out of a road of brand, or rely on the love of Shanghai PPC, rapidly improve site traffic.

technology does not support the Shanghai dragon development space


I think the answer is more expensive cost in Shanghai love for it, or want to lower the cost of operating a website basically is very difficult to see, Shanghai love to move from this point is clearly to enhance the website operation threshold, it can effectively reduce the production of waste site, after all, the Internet is now a huge amount of waste the information is basically the content acquisition website caused, for this love Shanghai algorithm to make a certain contribution to upgrade it.

algorithmIn I’m afraid that But for the

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