first, website content included the number is the premise of weight stability. Many owners believe that the weights of the website is the chain to enhance the quality and quantity of the result, it is very wrong, a new online site, the amount of content of chain scanty, even the most likely cause is the excessive optimization experience the search engine drop right. So, the author thinks that the website weight steadily improving, the content included is very important, a low quality site even with large mass or pseudo original method of opportunistic in quantity, many times love Shanghai fingerprint algorithm will filter out many repeated high or poor quality articles. So, the number of articles included recognition degree of love for the Shanghai site, the content included we must start from the quality.

third, the website itself do not frequent changes. The healthy development of the site and the human body growth is very similar, if a person sick Gesanchaiwu surgery this person basically is a waste, and the site is in the same way, a modest revision site in order to meet the new technology of the current Internet, user demand growth, and if frequent revision, will cause the website stability of the suspects, a frequent revision of the site, and included before the accumulation of weight after all will have many negative effects, for users, a dynamic website is bound to affect the user evaluation for the quality of your website.

we know, website optimization quality in the process of the site itself is very important, for users and search engines, a high-quality site is the lasting stable ranking of the most basic details of the main points, then the site optimization we should how to build a steady rise in weight, our website? Gossip short, in today’s topic, how to optimize Shanghai dragon interlocking to create user and search engine trust site.

second, the stability of the web server is second. The server would like a family, a harmonious family after all have a good parent-child relationship, in this warm environment, children can be the most considerate care, children’s body and mind can be a healthy development, similarly, the best place is our web server site to survive, a new station appears every two or three days the server is not stable, and the search engine for the new study is derived from the daily drip, so that the stability of the server affects the search engine and users for the site of the first impression is good or bad, a high quality stable server, natural for users and search engines to promote good impression.

fourth, website content to continuously update and innovation. The quality is the key content of the website optimization, both the individual and the search engine has to learn and understand the basic demands of new things, the search engine grab new content to their users, and update articles should not only focus on quality, and the content of the article is the most attention nowadays user problems are worth thinking, so the content of the website must stand in the perspective of quality is king, update frequency and content.

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