three months is not constant, but also optimize the periodic reference value, it is important to remember that if the mind as in the past, the optimization rule and patient cycle, the cycle can still get the search engine’s trust and favor.

in the search engine web server server with the actual inspection standard, other website website construction duration and the increase of the chain and so on a series of comprehensive frequency, so webmaster to do is to regularly increase the content and the chain, and the chain of high quality can be to shorten the period of study, it is worth noting that do not modify the site title and other important part, even after a period of study is also not easy to modify, cause search engines don’t trust them and not to extend the assessment period.

‘s website optimization cycleAfter the basic


cycle can determine whether a site search engine’s favor, if still not ranked, it is necessary to look for reasons from their own web site: a site, the structure is too complex or death cycle is not conducive to spider crawling; two, keyword density, whether the stack or inadequate; three, relevant content and theme; four, whether the spider every day (snapshot); five, by the same server other site even. If the ranking should cherish the fruits of labor, update the site and the chain rule, refer to other experience improvement.

line on the site to be included into the next "sandbox" is the period of study, this process about three months, in order to draw the cycle optimization results, of course, according to different keywords, site configuration and optimization methods will cause more or less influence on the optimization cycle, that is to say in the website optimization cycle without ranking it is a normal phenomenon, need not make great adjustment during this period.

from a website to achieve successfully established website ranking need to experience a long period of time, search engine recognition needs to experience how long from the birth of a website to build a website, how long did not meet the established ranking should be made – this time we become the "web site optimization cycle".

period of three months!

periodIn this period, the stability of


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