, 4 pages

(2) code written to check, in addition to check for errors, also check whether the simplified


page links 2, pay attention to the details of the ? The

(1) H1, H2, H3


as a website, the website of the internal links has attracted more and more attention of the search engines. Note:

(4) the article page link channel page and page


(1) the article to write a deep.

page title, is a part of the collection, is also an important part of. How to write the title to attract users, simply speaking, is to exaggerate things, how much is the boast of Shanghai dragon Er need to be considered.

there are many different kinds of method of the title, a lot of information, we study on the Internet. But my own experience is not unusual words, more remote word makes it easier to search engines.

a lot of the time we do something wrong, should apologize to each other, with the word sorry or apologize. Sorry: mean heart uneasy, sorry to each other; apologize: mean to others to admit mistakes. Such as: I drank too much yesterday, said some rude words, in this regard, I am deeply sorry. I drank too much yesterday, said some rude words, now I apologize to you.

page is the ultimate page, the bottom website belongs to the results, but also users most often see information. How to do the page to attract users to

code without the website, the website code is the most basic part of the website.

(3) good code is easy to modify, revision

1, the site of the internal links points of

(2) channel list page

3, the title of theThe

(1) home page and channel page links

this is the base of the link to my site to do, to do the link to the user experience, and is also the link anchor text links page to keep.

link to the article page list page The application of

from the above example, we find that different words to express different meanings, so as Shanghai dragon Er, we should pay more attention to the details, because the details determine success or failure. Every Shanghai dragon friend, on all aspects of the site considerations are certain partial side structure, focusing on some websites, some pay more attention to the website traffic, some of the attention is the code optimization. But each Shanghai dragon er for web site content should be the most demanding content is king. Because of the original article, the search engine more easily included and rankings, the original article can attract more user attention. As a Shanghai dragon Er we want to fully grasp, grasp the details, to improve the site’s weight.

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