third: the essence content of the site is presented to the user preferred browsing


this move also through the repeated practice and proved that the click rate is much higher than those found using declarative mood as the title of the article hits, is worth the webmaster to personally test and study.

: the first provides convenient browsing of the anchor text links for

my personal advice is to use the anchor text to facilitate users to browse our website content is the real king. We can add to guide users to browse the web link in some articles such as the "more" the anchor text:

users to a site of the biggest demand is to solve the question in my mind, so as to satisfy their curiosity. I have seen many sites, they showed on the website home page is a series of statements as the title of the title of the article, there is no appeal to the user, because the user does not know which article to meet their needs and questions. So, we can choose the appropriate use of question type statements as the title of the article to attract users, such as the website:

site optimization can be divided into the station optimization and stood outside optimization of the two work station optimization which is particularly important. Now is the time to optimize the user experience is king, if the station optimization is insufficient or blind optimization, will lead to a bad user experience and cause website ranking drop problem. Therefore, the webmaster for website optimization must be a broad, clear thinking, rather than blindly optimization. I personally think that, if you really want to do in the station optimization, only one request is: to meet the needs of users. Well, here’s some skills and on station optimization we discussed author’s experience and summed up.


although the anchor text of the website ranking is useless, but it provides users with a convenient, guiding the entrance, it can greatly improve the user site stickiness, one is our ultimate aim station optimization.

anchor text link is once the webmaster for blind keyword optimization tools, but now the love Shanghai algorithm has hit the anchor text on the role of the website ranking, therefore, the author believes that now the station optimization with the anchor text to do keywords ranking is no longer worth it. Then, the anchor text for the station optimization can have what effect?

In fact,

second: the question type statement as a title to attract users to browse the

now the pace of life is fast, users come to the site is nothing more than to be able to quickly meet your needs, but the quality of our website article is uneven in quality, if we do not go to the essence of the content. "


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