by the two pictures above we can get a quarter of the keyword "love Shanghai Beida" and " Beijing prize.the " love Shanghai popularity is respectively 28 and 55, the search for the word "prize.the" this quarter user search keywords "Beijing prize.the" users, we have all the words first inquire about the love of Shanghai index.

Keywords: !


factors of these three aspects is also called three degrees, namely popularity, competition degree and degree of correlation. So what is popular? Said direct point is like a brand of mobile phone as you love, of course, if the best all the time popular, so the network’s popularity is how to evaluate? Love Shanghai has a called index tool, you can see a key words popularity how much is that we put him into love Shanghai popularity. Open the love Shanghai index page 贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/ enter the keyword "Beida Jade Bird", your love of Shanghai can be seen below the page, as shown below:


of course! If you find some very good keywords is not popular, delete, if what is good is the competition degree is 10000000000, so the degree of competition was also deleted, wasting your time. For example: "the degree of competition such as the word prize.the" figure:

for a long period of time not to learn the A5 recently! It is too much! Today and we exchange some how to choose the most accurate keywords.

a good keyword must have three factors.

one week user attention can be viewed as love Shanghai popularity between two words is below the "Beijing prize.the" love Shanghai popularity:

we can see the most relevant keywords and prize.the are: prize.the tuition, Guangzhou prize.the prize.the, Beijing prize.the, Dalian prize.the, Shenzhen prize.the prize.the, introduction, Qingdao University, Beijing prize.the prize.the Fuchengmen website, these keywords, we give these keywords in order to mark correlation of 1, related to 2 degrees, 3. degrees and other related.

some people will probably have such doubt, these words rarely! According to the above ways continue to dig



search love below Shanghai to do data mining, such as the need to do keyword keyword "Beida" mining, so we only need to search keywords "Beida Jade Bird", can see the relevant search, following below:


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