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to find the right words from a lexicon, we must first remove is not the word searches, love Shanghai index in the query results have shown, then you need to put massive thesaurus direct input Google keyword tool, so you can directly remove not the word searches.

If you want to do The first step to Figure 1

choose keywords, and then expand the page keywords layout, is a required course for Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, is the first key link of website optimization. Keywords selection and layout, directly determines the site location and traffic. So in the optimization of the website, I think every Shanghai dragon Er will be encountered such a problem, that is how to choose keywords fast batch.

related sites in Shanghai dragon, related words can direct inquiries Shanghai Longfeng, website optimization, search engine optimization and so on key words, so you can find the maximum of all related words, get rid of the repetition of words, you can create a website of library.


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has a massive thesaurus, the second step is: massive screen

keyword mining

screen in addition to a large number of no word searches, the last step is to pick the exact words:

to identify the site keywords, it must be a large number of search words, with massive thesaurus combined with the positioning of the website keyword selection. There are a lot of software and online tools are available for mining keywords according to the input keyword or URL, as if words, keywords love stand webmaster tools mining, keyword analysis and so on, I personally use Jinhua keyword tool, is also a free keyword mining tools. The following is an example of details:

to choose the appropriate keywords for the site, is a simple but complicated things, but when we establish our own data analysis, choose keywords word thinking skills, everything will become easier to do sometimes Shanghai Longfeng is the lack of scientific methods.

removed without the word searches, we should combine competitor analysis, site positioning analysis, correlation analysis, keywords search volume analysis to accurately to select appropriate keywords for each page.

the first thing to do is to find a word: mass

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