black chain is a double-edged sword, we should know how to use, but I still advise you not to buy black chain, because black chain is very unstable, once more, this leads to love Shanghai on your web site right down, if you want to consider buying links, can be appropriate to buy out the chain, but also to ensure that some continuity.

love Shanghai 11 as its name suggests, ranked 11, the first page of the search results is only 10, then ranked 11 on the second page, so you can get the search traffic will be less and less. The web site ranked 11 more reasons, summarized as follows:

2. to buy black chain.

1. site optimization itself is not good, so

3. Links check.

In fact, most of

Links by K, will lead to your site right down, I believe that we all know

5. new sites quickly have been ranked 11 to fall in love with Hella study.

website optimization excessive, site of violate the rules of search engine keyword will be right down, so usually other then no problem, then check to see if the reason is not the site itself.

If you

4. web sites do not meet user experience, love Shanghai direct labor 11.

2. site was down the right punishment to love Shanghai, 11.

!A thorough examination of website

know how to give up 5.

optimization which >


1. the main task is to improve the weight of love Shanghai.

, now love Shanghai search technology has been getting better and better, only the original is not enough, should also ensure the quality of the article, you can go to copy someone else’s article, this is also a good original method, and the chain, you can go to A5, Chinaz and other portals contribute, as long as you insist, I believe in less than a month, the weight of the website will come up, weight will be ranked up. If you do not say these words, that only do live every time quantitative toil, crazy hair the chain, do false original article, this has certain effect on improving weight.

have been ranked 11 in the Shanghai love down the right, or the weight of love Shanghai ranking rules give big website is relatively high, the big website page to page up, some small top-level domain around second full page, long term does not go up, if you are a new word temporarily, the 11 ranking is normal. So, how do we solve for these? The experience about my solution:

can wander in Shanghai love 11

3. love Shanghai rules change, the weight of the inside pages of high ranking.

Will be from the website content, external links the two aspects of weight method to improve

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