the two is how consistent, and in 360 the following are the extended reading encyclopedia information, I believe that after officially opened the 360 encyclopedia, will let the webmaster is crazy, why? Because when love Shanghai is an obvious source, copy and paste directly will you save more labor single link is the most natural, as a way of madness.

The first point: 360


today is January 6th, 360. On this day on the line, we can directly see the screenshot

remember when love Shanghai encyclopedia just on the line, no entry audit is very strict, and now create a new entry, must have certain professional articles recommended, including reference, including the readability of the article, these are we in love when the challenge of creating Shanghai entry, so if a new on-line you should use more fully, to grasp the opportunity, in the beginning, let your web site traffic share.

this is the 360 Wikipedia page map, I believe that concern the search market, we have also seen this news, this version is only the on-line test version, full version also need time to come, however, with a Wikipedia listing, whether let’s webmaster friends heart of it after all? And search related products are we need to penetrate, in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, perhaps you have already done a lot, but in the 360 search, in the market share in 10% under the cake, you will miss it, next up, to the effect of on-line about 360 Wikipedia for the owners.

and Qihoo ask, in the early opening of the audit is not very strict, this is at the beginning of the occupation positions is a reason, in the Encyclopedia of 360 open, a quality link is certainly can bring more high-quality content for themselves, and for the 360 search, 10% in the market, the home page will be full of love there are 360 encyclopedia how Shanghai encyclopedia, search Encyclopedia of 360 in 360, will be the top spot, so that this entry, audit is not strict, certainly is a copy and paste, based on their chain of play under the more solid.

on-line encyclopedia will become crazy at the outside of the chain webmaster another place





now, look at the introduction about love 360 Shanghai Encyclopedia

here is love Shanghai encyclopedia about love of Shanghai

second: 360 after the on-line encyclopedia, the home position will be less.


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