(1) included words, the more the better, and to pay attention to is collected,


(4) SITE1, not much impact on the SITE1, many large websites are not in the first SITE. This depends on whether he is home high weight, you can directly enter his home title in the fall in love with the sea, to see whether the first.

Links can improve your weight quickly this is beyond doubt, but a lot of people on the Links are blind, some webmaster is to don’t matter when exchanging Links. There are also some time in exchange Links only a simple snapshot or PR feel not right directly PASS.

in fact is wrong. The weight of a web site not only in PR and snapshot to determine weight judgment on the website. Weight is many webmaster exchange Links is one of the basic criteria, so that if you judge wrong it will lose a good Links. So we have to do Links exchange to judge each other well? We may judge from some of the following items.

The basic data of

2. other websites: open the website of the other side, look at the other site is a complete decent LOGO, if not a regularly updated website whether management and maintenance. And there is no virus like trojan.

(6): the YAHOO chain often can not just look at the total, but also look at the front page introduction, whether there is a high quality import (chain of more than PR5), whether there is a site into.Edu and.Gov. For the inspection from the chain webmaster helper analysis tool to check there. The data clearly more convenient.

correlation, is the first point, we recommend that you try to find the same website to exchange links. The search engine is more and more attention to this point. For example, an industry for your approval and a non professionals recognition for you, I think the industry recognition will be more worthy of trust. At the same time, there are also related related and semi related, such as tourism and tourism, tourism and hotel ticket. These are relevant and semi relevant.

(3) PR if you want to look at your own sex, if Shanghai, don’t be so sensitive to PR. This is only applicable to PR0-3. PR4 I think many webmaster exchange links will require equal.

(2) is such a snapshot, is certainly a new good! But if it is normal snapshot.

This is the 1.

3. website,

(5) love Shanghai anti chain: This is love Shanghai related domain, domain domain name is his number, the more the better, and this is also valid and invalid. As can be seen from the result of domain. If the title description contains the domain name is valid, otherwise is invalid.


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