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(Figure six)


first Links of this station was detected by CHINAZ webmaster tools under the small home, 23 outbound links only 1 chain back! If these links are weighted up after adding it is said in the past, but if the station starts with these links, so that people feel unbelievable, most of the webmaster neural stimulation.



see this believe that most of the webmaster have very amazing. Xiao Bian also like most people, this station is very interested in, then look at, and wrote this article, your personal opinion, perhaps is not comprehensive enough, as do you Paizhuan, you free.

(Figure four)

(Figure two)

Hello, I am the Dragon Jun. Today I see a map of the query results very cow X site in A17 columnist for the group, and then in A5 and search outside the forum to see a lot of netizens posting: a domain name age was only nine days of the new station, "the weight" reached 6. The truth is as follows (see Figure 1):


just 9 days, the station’s Alexa ranking is the explosive rise. This domain name is registered in May 9, 2012 (see Figure three), the second day of the station Alexa ranking began to soar! We see Alexa in the top curve are wavy, so called "curve". Although the statistical time is short, perhaps not curve, but at least the "discount". However, the station is ranked Alexa in a few days is in a linear type soared (see Figure four).

regardless of the "love Shanghai" the weight of the meaning of light to see the domain name age 9 days, only included a home site, ranking is actually pretty awesome. We can see from the basic can see these words of love Shanghai index is not brush up (see Figure two):

, Links

(Figure five)

(Figure three)

small by love station network search under the station ranking history, found that the domain name registration station from May 9th to May 15th, through love station network "love Shanghai" the weight of it has been changed to 6 in sixth days (Figure five)


if the station is not a new snapshot, snapshot for a few days before it, we can determine the friendship chain.

two, see page snapshot of

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