included fast little use, high weight is king.

The chain The chain of

first of all, this is a real marketing forum. The real name, the vocabulary in this forum was born. This point has also attracted a lot of big Shanghai Longfeng marketing industry sector. The daily active degree is very high, and there have been new members. Of course, the new members difficulty is not small.


has attracted the attention of the webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng, marketing industry famous real marketing forum, mad cat brother Su Liangcai today on the forum free power to do an analysis, pointed out shortcomings, welcome.

user experience Summary:

concise interface’s user experience is incomparable.


from the above we can see that not only many chain, the quality of the chain is many. So, in the chain of free power forum to do good. If you have read these articles, the anchor text in the upper left corner is usually "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide", the hyperlink weight transfer is much higher compared to the following text links.

Su Liangcai in his blog published after the synchronization to the real marketing forum, although fast included, but the search problem has not been ranked. As everyone knows, is ranked according to the weight given love depends on the site of Shanghai. The real name marketing forum first included, under favorable conditions, there is still no rankings.

included fast, weight is not high enough to


included love Shanghai as high as 8850, but the high quality of the chain number, it can make nothing of it. But through the analysis of the.


from the above we can know that included free power forum is close to the second. There are 4000 more than the amount collected, the forum made pseudo static content pages. Included fast weight is high? No, we look at the following chart.

interface is relatively simple, not very complicated. Give people a very hearty feeling, so webmaster Zhu Weikun announced the good news, PV growth, year-on-year growth of 176% last week.


chain analysis

in the home owners to contribute the chain attached to the article.




in the A5 portal through the article with the.




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