2, web page content quality is too low or too little. The page content according to the title to try to write, do not write about Shanghai Longfeng optimization related articles, the article in the construction site, so that users do not think what you want, this article does not have value, search engine will also give a certain punishment. Should be rich in content, the users want to write in such a high quality content is produced.

before A5 saw an article on the "black June" similar articles, there are about love in late June Shanghai will crack down on the low quality of the site. For a white paper down, many owners began to tense up, in order to improve the overall quality, website content all day work hard, if the overall quality of your site is very good, the search engine will not only on the site of special care, will increase the weight to the site. There is a word well, the survival of the fittest, the fittest. In the food chain, low quality site belongs to the bottom, will eventually be eaten at a higher level.

1, there are a lot of dead link website. For example, a large number of 404, 403 web page, enter the user search page has no content, at the same time will cause the search engine antipathy, impression will be very poor, if these pages should be submitted to Shanghai as soon as possible to love these dead links, avoid the "thunder" split.

do not know the webmaster have not found love, Shanghai Webmaster Tools some data update is not the law, website search volume is not a huge change every day, the flow changes. Love: "love" Shanghai sea search quality white paper "after the launch, the webmaster has begun on the matter of concern, love Shanghai recently began to low quality small sites began to drop right even K station. For some new Shanghai dragon, should be how to deal with


4, web browsing experience bad. There are many pages of pop ads, seriously affect the user reading, only to leave the page, find the next home. The contents of the layout problem. For example, the font can insert some pictures, increase the reading habits of users. < >

Some recent


nets have many articles on white paper, have emphasized the search engine will start against low quality site. The love of Shanghai to crack down on what site? Zhang Yugan, according to the analysis of the white paper, if these problems in your website, please change over, to avoid unnecessary punishment.

3, "the lack of value. Many editors love collecting copied on other sites, paste it directly into your site, you say, this article on the Internet is everywhere, the search engine what to be included? To increase the content of high quality, even take over from others, he always read, according to their own ideas to write some of their own views, the search engine will give page points.

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