I myself have experienced two years of personal career. I like such a webmaster in one hundred thousand the following, every day to get up early, continue to update the site, to promote all aspects of optimization and search. If done correctly, adhere to three or four months after the website will have a profit, but the profit is not much, unless you are doing some grey industry. But grey if the industry is not as good as we imagined, the majority of people are using the station group in the way of doing, and investment risk will rise, a mess to eat rice to the country, all these industries rarely individual owners will do, and ability limited. Do some common website if one cannot do well, love your hair in Shanghai, it will meet in your income will be cut off, the heart can only have grievances, but no place to vent. The heart will make a bad impression. Of course, does not mean that each individual owners will be faced with this situation, some executive force strong enough people insist on a website a few years will be improved, but the income does not increase too much, maybe that time is just acting. These are the current situation facing the

webmaster Baotuan will have a way out of

personal webmaster!

is not to say that the author only today "

why do so many people do not love into the enterprise to work, rather than be a lonely stationmaster. As a personal webmaster over my personal webmaster simple number where the benefits of? We don’t need to be bound by the system of the company, also do not need to see the boss’s face to live, there is the above I said to hang their title. These are just as a personal benefit, but for the advantage, I still do not have what advantage.

for the current state of the Internet, personal webmaster development more quickly than before, because the industry is not suitable for some webmaster what background of young people entrepreneurial opportunities, just a bit technical. Spent hundreds of dollars to invest in a website, and to become a worthy of the name webmaster. As a webmaster benefits is the business risk is low, a few hundred dollars can be * * *, but also to meet the friends from different places, tens of thousands of people calling you do "wet", not only that, but also can give yourself an CEO title, his own wages. However, the seemingly unlimited style of performance, in fact, as a personal webmaster, everything is so bitter.

personal webmaster where the advantages and disadvantages of

number one lot, if you have a good business projects, so what do you need? We need the cost of capital? Need operation talents? The need for technical development? A series of problems led to the implementation of this project, it can only think about it, but no to do. This time all the disadvantages will be unfolding in front of you.

The disadvantage is the opposite of

personal webmaster face problems

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