this is the Shanghai dragon heroes Webmaster Tools data



to look at love station set your website queries, webmaster query, love Shanghai love Shanghai weight ranking, query, keyword ranking query, the query included love Shanghai ", 80% is focused on the" search "the word set (not difficult to think of search keywords" webmaster query "its website ranked first). All the word webmaster tools is not set, which makes the site lost the advantage.


query "Webmaster Tools" index is close to 1.5W, keywords and ranking problem analysis, keyword selection station to say love is a strategic mistake. Maybe love station operation strategy is the way, by brand and reputation, retain old customers and attract new users. I know that love station is a webmaster introduced, the first time I put it to the collection, but recently found query data without home owners hope to improve, accurate tool, not only to use convenient, accurate information is more important.

chain data of two station

station The

bright brother also found outside the chain of heroes there is to buy, so high weight website one-way links is undoubtedly a sword in its website. This and a few days ago everyone hot ten day website love Shanghai 7 appreciation of the novel website is exactly the same weight.

before the webmaster analysis

"Webmaster Tools" after PK: besides bright brother also found another important question: two core keywords different


remember two days ago there was a webmaster to share an article, is about the question of "Webmaster Tools" the keywords ranking, analyzed a " dark horse "- Heroes webmaster tools how to go beyond the strength of strong love station. One of the key factors is the chain is relatively uniform in the elite Webmaster Tools "Webmaster Tools" this one of the words above, and love is the station out of order, a little lost weight Webmaster Tools "this keyword. Here is a screenshot:


summarized the following three points:


Webmaster Tools Set Qunying: webmaster tools, the owners, the owners of the home, Shanghai dragon tools, 50% is to do around the word "tools", and "Webmaster Tools" is the core of the key station, regardless of title, keywords, description is provided, which undoubtedly increases the core position of the key words. Search "tool" in Shanghai in search of love, heroes ranked second in more than one hundred million pages, only to love the Shanghai encyclopedia.


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