how fast the spider crawling habit

what is the spider crawling habit

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should be able to see the spider crawling habit that spiders included habit, why is the spider included habit? In fact, we know that the principle of search engine spiders? The first spider is a machine code, it is a search engine control, and the amount of the spider in the search engine is beyond count so, if the search engine spider dominate every day if the power, the search engine server will consume large, so the search engine in order to save power, when a spider crawling site, a value returned is good, then the search engine will regularly let the spider to crawl, and this is crawling according to the time interval to crawl, a long time you update your site within a specified period of time, so the spider can count you update the time, and And for your articles included, this is a habit of spiders, but it will not every search engine to survey isn’t going to check, only occasionally to look at the collection of information, if the information is too much garbage, the amount of information included in the search engine will be reduced, and the search engine spiders to return the value is not good, so the search engine will not crawl your site, or that the spider will rarely crawl your site, so your site will become one of the sites included the difficult, but the spider crawling habit is a time to train, and not errors in the training period and if the errors in the search engine will not let the spider on your site or rarely crawling crawling, such a result is not good, now we should know what is the spider crawling habit Now, if you understand, then congratulations, your first step is ready, I will share the following method to cultivate the spider crawling habit, I hope you can see.

I have just said, the spider crawling habit need time to develop, "said

now have a lot of friends to ask: why my website is not good, but always snapshot not update, the site and is not K nor do black hat, and every web site have updated, finally included effect is so bad, why is this? This problem is actually more than one or two personal problems, I dare do Shanghai dragon friends have had the same problem, and some friends didn’t know what I did wrong, your website is not, in fact this problem after all can be summarized in six words: "spider crawling habit", some of my friends will feel puzzled to see what is? The spider crawling spider crawling habit habit? What are the benefits? In fact, the spider crawling habit directly affects the website included, website weight and website ranking, see here Do you feel know the spider crawling habit is very important, what is the principle that we how to cultivate the habit of spider and spider crawling habit, aiming at these problems, here I share my understanding of the spider crawling habit and how to train the spider crawling habit.

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