, a robots file is

A5 Shanghai dragon group in the diagnosis and Optimization for the website of the time of diagnosis found all pages some website directory cannot be included in the robots file to know, even if the wrong letters are likely to have a very significant impact, like the above website below some pages can not be included is a performance. The result, when the situation appears on your website, it is recommended that you use the Goolgle tool to view the robots file is the site of what went wrong, it is very powerful, even a letter robots file in the wrong can be detected, it can detect whether the page is the robots file banned spider crawling.

grab information is wrong

when the website appears when some problems, so the webmaster want a certain way to solve as soon as possible, of course, you must know it, for the website diagnosis general believe that every webmaster is to understand what, if you don’t understand this, then you are not a qualified webmaster, must strengthen learning OK, here is experienced by the A5 diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng optimization team come together and talk about how to rapid diagnosis of website.

believe that every webmaster will encounter sites 404 pages, and 404 error on behalf of the original page does not exist now, but what is the reason, this is varied, but it has serious impact on the user experience of the website, some common problems which is the A5 Shanghai dragon the diagnosis and optimization to the customer group in the diagnosis is often met, so to remind the webmaster friends, always check your site if there is often 404 pages, if more will cause what kind of impact, believe that do stand friends all know.

we all know the importance of links, the link includes not only the external links, but also including the internal links, which one do not place, did not make a website may not have what good rankings, so A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization group remind the webmaster should not blindly to increase external links, but ignored the most should be the most easy to grasp and controllable internal links. The Goolgle website also can find out the tools if there are external links anchor text links enough support, and internal links structure is irrational and so on.


four, HTML tag is correct


A5, Shanghai dragon group diagnosis and optimization often encounter some website HTML tags some is not correct, but there is a serious phenomenon of repeat title tags, stationmaster friends all know that a site has to repeat the title tag, that explains the site there are many repeated page, repeat the content of the website with the >

two, internal and external links are both

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