: how long after the line on the website can be

four: the site is K can restore

two: the replacement of web servers will be down right?


site is down the right of any website are few compared can hardly be avoided, the site did not experience the process of being right down. However, the site right of recovery came how long? This period is generally between a few months and thoughtful, what determines the length of the cycle, starting from the site’s ills, and find out the reason right down to solve the problem. With the efforts unremittingly optimize and update, the ranking recovery also behoove. I have been in the "web site search engine optimization problems may cause an accident" to drop right phenomenon are discussed in detail.

in the website optimization process, there are some problems stuck in the webmaster, do so right, the search engine will love? For these things, along the way, the most familiar in the webmaster. Today the binary write this article, give not too knows the answer webmaster do a faq. Open search engine rules veil, from now on:

is a new website, there is no relevant information in the search engine, quickly may include the day not slow included are possible. Why? The freshness of website content, and the chain extension is two of the most important. A new station on the line, do dozens of original content updates, do something every day in the chain after the launch, URL will roll out the information, the search engine will be included. The process included a new station, is actually a spider feeding process, how to increase the chain? I wrote an article "the facts speak: seven trick the chain to maximize efficiency" is more suitable for novice learning.


in the traditional optimization scheme, more owners believe that the replacement of the web server will be down the right, but is it? For the replacement of the IP website, the search engine performance more is short for the snapshot of the observation period, period does not necessarily appear drop right phenomenon. Why? The site optimization in place, how do the chain, after replacing the IP, can avoid right down.

three: the site is down right


site is K, is the webmaster of the opinion of the music thing, general webmaster can choose to give up. However, the site was K doomed to have no its worth? I want to say is that the site is still can restore K included. The key is that you know to be the cause of the K? Most sites are right to be reduced after no attention, so be K off. Which K is the most serious punishment, so what factors can lead to such serious consequences? General: content acquisition, high site frequent revision, site keywords stack, frequent replacement, server cheating in the chain group, with Links by K station, with a large number of IP sites by K, the presence of malicious websites.

how long can recover?The

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