may also have friends that ALT tags have no text anchor text links, in fact. Because we ALT also contains keywords, but also

got home, then what is the difference between the text and the anchor text of

H1 label: this tag can be said to be the title of the article, is also a very important factor to optimize the key words, only Title tags. The H tag range (H1—H6) H1, H2 tag weight is the highest, the digital weight is lower. We should learn to integrate our keywords in H1–H2 tags. To the relevance of our web site keywords, increase weight. The H2+1 tag weight is not obvious, we can according to their site set up their own label H.

ALT label: I remember the article said, the first web site links should be paid more attention to search engine links, so most of our website first link LOGO, since it is LOGO we are displayed in the form of pictures, so we are not to use the label ALT

: for the search engine or blackbody blackbody to a certain weight, but did not help, bold word, for example: "Shanghai dragon blog" may be divided into "Shanghai dragon" and "blog" if the "Shanghai dragon blog" is set to bold, then the search engine will be understood as a in a word, and will not be split.


< img src=" img/logo.gif" alt=" /> "




: internal links in the chain has a very important meaning to the search engines to crawl and index, internal links also have an impact on the page keyword relevance, we usually take the form of anchor text. Because the external links we cannot control, but we can control the internal links completely free, if we work on the internal links of the words, it is very beneficial to our link relevance, let the spider crawling more smoothly, more, the improvement of the overall site weight, but must be very natural, not out of order and then add anchor text and the number of words, add a line. Now say a 1-3. My master

today, I was at work on Saturday, Saturday to the people you vulnerable. Uncontrollable anger, write an article about my mood calm. The reason for writing this article is: when I was yesterday afternoon in the optimization of their own blog, some of the more tangled problem.

update: I remember a lot of friends said, to catch the spider crawling time, update the article, fixed time to update the article, actually I don’t think so, I think there are resources to update, not to a fixed time to update, update frequently to search engine spiders crawl frequency (personal understanding! )

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