, a website keyword selection method

for enterprise website construction, I do remember the enterprise website, on the long tail keywords, there are more than 300, in fact this or less. In fact, long tail keywords in the webmaster tools is not what index, but most of the traffic it website is to rely on our.

enterprise website construction, I personally think that no one else had said in the mouth how difficult. Of course, easy to say, is not so easy. Today, and you want to discuss the enterprise website construction in the selection and the way to deal with some matters of attention.

for our enterprise website construction, we in the selection of key words when Shanghai Longfeng beginners know, we should try to choose a less competitive word to optimize the benefits of doing so is to let our optimization more easily, so I have included in the site and PR aspects can be more good growth.

two, long tail keywords strong against

In fact,

for enterprise website construction, select the main keyword is very important, we can choose some competition small keywords we need according to the corporate website push products, so we are looking for, you can know what we have to do in the end is a what aspects of a this website for us looking for is very helpful, this is our Shanghai Longfeng site will know the basic things.

the so-called long tail keywords, I personally have a image of understanding, if the keywords to is a general, so the long tail keywords is under the general planning of the commanding general, good is to show the ability of the self, but also need the support and recognition of all creeps. From here we can see more of the image, in fact, long tail keywords is an important background for our main keywords, keyword play a role than the general type as authoritative, but can give a stable function key words in quantity.

select keywords still very simple, we can through the search engine to the correct choice of it, people can find the love of Shanghai index and Google keyword tool for staff selection, but here the need to remind everyone that the key data because they provide is not so accurate, so it is not a so choose across the eye, we can see that the selection of key words in the fall in love with the sea search, see how the words for "as well as promotion, to further determine the key word competition pressure. Although not how accurate, but the search engine to our biggest message is for us to provide the full range of users for the keywords we selected in the search engine search volume, so that it can keep us less find trouble. Personally think that is a great help.

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