is a web site’s home page is the main entrance website to get traffic, but we can see from the traffic monitoring daily, "

for any web site traffic is the premise of a website, no traffic to the website was definitely not survive, so where do we get traffic? In fact, many webmaster friends will think is the search engine, this view is actually not much wrong, because the vast majority of web traffic is from the search engine get. Take Taobao for example, Taobao can be said to be relatively high visibility of the site, the domain name is the name of the double user memory, but by the number of input domain access Taobao is still very small, the vast majority of users are using search engines to search Taobao into its website. But in the end, the use of the search engine to search or users, so fundamentally users to bring our website traffic, so how to gradually improve the site’s traffic


To improve the quality of the contents of

said this is to improve the site’s traffic are very concerned about every webmaster topic, a web site from search engine traffic is limited, while the ranking of a website will gradually reach bottleneck, so every website to get traffic from search engines to reach a steady state. When the site traffic gradually smooth, so to let the website traffic gradually improved, and this is the time to consider other ways. Here we will do? Yes! At this time the user loyalty is the key, only from the perspective of users to improve user loyalty website so there will be a new breakthrough. Because of the keyword search engine rankings to get traffic is our first step to promote the site, when the keywords after a stable user’s return rate is the key task for us, as long as the user loyalty is up, so will the website traffic and conversion rate will steadily to ascend, here we have to introduce a user how to improve for the website loyalty.

although the topic is a little mean here a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but love the stars have to say, because a website to retain customers so we should have the capital, so the website will have enough content to meet user. In order to improve the quality of the content of the web site, first in the update site article must keep the original article, and the article should have substantive content, article not just copy and paste. Even if the webmaster friends don’t have the energy to write original articles, then pseudo original articles also should be based on objective facts, let the user is the only way to gain in reading. Here to teach you a few tips to write articles, first in the article try to add pictures, because users love to see illustrations of the article, at this point is also the search engine is love, so even if the original article we should do from the subtle observation of user preferences to meet user.


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