in general, whether you want to upgrade your content in the search results page exposure, or is more in line with the user’s search appetite, we can reasonable use question, question and answer form to get more traffic.

first we give an example, if a user searches for "how to feed the dog food", and "dog food", because the former is the question keywords words, so in the keyword search results page will display only contains how to feed the dog food, dog food feeding need to pay attention to the problem of information and so on. The search results page will include "food related products" pay per click advertising or store information. The content of the site and we will be difficult to get exposure.

, of course, there is one thing we need to understand is that although the use of rhetorical question and answer form can improve your search the contents of exposure and meet user search habits, does not mean that there is a good ranking. Questioning the title and content of the target flow does improve your site greatly, but to improve the quality and web site content >

from the search of the search habits, general search using the search engine is designed to be an answer. The search in the general search keywords in the "good" and "can do", "what", "how to search". To meet the needs of users to pursue the search engine is aware of this trait, usually in the search drop-down box will pop up search related content, such as millet, where can I buy genuine "or the phrase" where genuine millet". We know that the "millet" and "genuine" is our search target words; "where" belongs to the class of questions. This search engine will be based on Chinese grammar priority "where to buy genuine millet, then search included containing the top three words in the database, then the results will be sorted.


question? Through love Shanghai encyclopedia, the definition is: in order to emphasize a certain part, deliberately first question, question, question and answer. The correct use of rhetorical questions, interesting, inspiring thoughts; help structured, compact structure. From which we can find the question statement can be very good to cause the attention of the user, the user role of inspiration for the content on so many. Can we apply it to our site? The answer is yes, if we can take the question of writing, not only enhance the long tail keywords ranking, and will be more able to attract the attention of the user.

What is the


, that is to say, if we are in the title (and content) with question words, make yourself more content appears in the search results, and then let the content increase exposure in SERP search. This is a difference in the effect of some industries in the field will be very large.

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