The new LOGO

love home in Shanghai, a five-star red flag on the island is fluttering in the wind, click on the picture, then enter the Diaoyu Islands is China the topic page, as the largest search engine, this approach will undoubtedly make Shanghai love each netizen patriotic anti view 360 comprehensive search arise spontaneously, but A new force suddenly rises. home recently no action, without exception, love Shanghai will win more users reputation. The most exciting is the global network launched to recover the Diaoyu Islands game, open game operating aircraft stationmaster people hooked, and in the love of Shanghai search "Diaoyu Islands", global network also ranked first. The Tencent has an online search map landing activities, micro-blog through this platform to attract a large number of users to participate in. In addition, dangdang贵族宝贝 also made millions of red flags, as with the parcel for every one must receive the parcel buyers will certainly be overwhelmed by an unexpected favour.

for the grass-roots webmaster, certainly not like dangdang贵族宝贝 spend generous set flag to attract users, but we can find another shortcut, the easiest way is to declare position, such as the replacement of LOGO with patriotic declaration, increase rolling notice striking, Banner position for the relevant dynamic pictures etc.. Do not let the user know that your site is active, can narrow the distance between the user and produce patriotic resonance.

if you are a game station, can develop the Diaoyu Islands, make sure those who play "real game" hot blooded youth in the streets of interest, users can also increase the goodwill of the site, this popular event can bring a lot of traffic related search, "Diaoyu Islands can be seen in the game" the index peaked at more than 800. For video sites need to remind the relevant ads must remove the Diaoyu Islands video, if you open the computer you can’t wait to see about the Diaoyu Islands.

September 18th, "nine · 18 Incident anniversary, many air raid sirens, September 18, 1931, Japan launched the war of aggression against China, did not think 81 years later, the Sino Japanese relations stalled again. Here, some people may ask the Diaoyu Islands time with our webmaster what? Well, after months of this storm love Shanghai, grassroots webmaster has already Voices of discontent. However, in the sunshine after the rain, the Internet is to remember. In addition, the search engine the webmaster can do a lot to leave, although Shanghai Longfeng 3 times still seem far away, but the user experience has become a stand principle, user experience is to retain users, such as owners on the Diaoyu Islands events need to do those things to attract users hooked users? As a citizen of the country we do not advocate, demonstrations and vandalism, and as a small media and the dissemination of information, the owners need to use the power of the Internet to carry out activities in defence, more important is to catch the user fish, we first look at the major site of Diaoyu Islands is how patriotic.

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