? Then pay attention to the construction of soft

and not related to this chain is not conducive to the user’s reading, because after the user clicks on the contents of this must want to introduce the content of soft and similar, if the difference is too large, the user will feel rather baffling, and will soon jump, and a website jump rate is too high, will also give the Shanghai spiders love a bad impression, even will be included in the sandbox to inspect, once found there are a lot of garbage outside the chain, but not conducive to the sustainable development of the site.

once the chain is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel will do homework, and even most of the time is spent on the construction of the chain, resulting in the Internet appeared on the chain for the emperor saying, but the weight of the chain through constant innovation love Shanghai algorithm, and finally in 2015 July announced. In the algorithm, the weight of the chain to further reduce or even cancel the chain, only retain a little, that is to say the era of the optimization of the chain will be terminated.

. The soft construction and the construction of the chain basically is the same, just soft, not only can play the role of the chain, but also can play the role of marketing. Of course, now must and publicize the contents of a correlation, if your website is a sports website, but the use of computer technology, a lot of marketing chain, the irrelevant marketing brings has actually been love Shanghai into the garbage chain, completely not optimized, even will bring negative effect on the development of the website optimization.

but in fact true? Surely not, even the love sea will completely eliminate the chain algorithm, it will not affect the optimization of the chain, this is because the construction of the chain can not only to love Shanghai but also to the website optimization, brand building, quality and the importance of love Shanghai foreign chain the higher, so the high quality of the chain or should do, that is to say, in the current love Shanghai algorithm, the construction of the chain of high quality is king, so how to construct the high quality the chain

first to attach importance to the construction of a chain. Now the chain for the importance of a website becomes higher and the number of the chain of friends do not need much, just need a chain can be of high quality, that is to find similar and relatively high weight website chain can, usually need to do friends chain through the sale, which involved in the sale. Chain, webmaster want to know some prevention techniques, such as to prevent the other links will use the nofollow attribute or ROBOTS protocol to screen, this is not the weight of the chain pass. And the other friends of the chain also need to pay attention to the home and friends of the chain, and try to avoid and column page chain. The weight will pass over or become very low, for the purposes of their own The loss outweighs the gain. obviously.

finally, the construction of the chain in essence is not much. In the new love Shanghai algorithm, the construction of the chain from the past to now become fine, that is the chain can bring real flow for you, but.

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