technology to achieve

First, the use of

look at some of the more powerful of the owners in the industry is how to create the high quality of the chain, we are more familiar with the possible Moonlight blog and Lou song song >

outside the chain of high quality for the whole website weight and keywords ranking, plays a very important role, everyone is looking forward to it, because of the high quality of the chain is not much, it is better than the chain effect of many, many Shanghai Longfeng personnel for the chain this often the wrong understanding, think outside the chain of a blog is the high quality links, think a forum is high quality links, and even a lot of friends that BBS signature is the chain of high quality, the high quality of the chain gets far from that simple, not every day we find resources released can be solved not to say, outside the chain of the best quality, may be Links to get through, because both sides are to transfer the weight through the website home page links, the link for the long-term stability of network The station is very favorable.

said the high quality of the chain is not our hair out, so how do we get to the high quality of the chain? The Shanghai website design for attracting network serious thoughts that can get from three aspects, this acquisition is more difficult than the chain in general, but to achieve this level of people it is very easy to get.

people are saying no bitter technology to where, where technology are mixed well, indeed, so it is in the industry chain in Shanghai Longfeng, get in, if there is, then to obtain the high quality of the chain is like a piece of cake, the blog theme development done blog friends are familiar with Xiaohan is very good, very suitable for the user’s browsing, blog and architecture for Shanghai dragon, and in development, Xiaohan in at the end to add a anchor text links to your site, so give yourself to a website with high quality one-way links, although many webmaster will remove the word link, but a lot of respect for copyright friends or very willing to leave. There are many such examples, such as some free space for the Shanghai dragon novice is a good resource, the opening of a host to do site practice, Why not?, and this kind of resources seemingly free, but the above with a one-way link, it is also a means of mutual benefit.

contents of the emperor chain for the king, is the Shanghai dragon industry as a classic discourse, a part is indispensable in the practical application, at least in the past few years regardless of the content or in the chain, in Shanghai Longfeng proportion is very large. The contents of this part show directly in front of the user, a website is not what they say, but by the users feel directly out of the outer chain reaction; this part, although the user cannot directly detect, but the indirect impact on the user, without the support of the chain, key words ranking will not be so quick possible the ranking, also can not allow users to use search engines to find our website.


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