chain optimization, a necessary means to improve website ranking, even in the website optimization process, even if you don’t understand how to optimize Shanghai dragon, crazy put the chain can quickly improve the ranking at a certain stage, this is the chain of value. There is a promotion mode in the chain extension in the traditional forum signature, will be added to the website URL signature, so both post replies, will be the search engine to search. But with the spread of the forum outside the chain promotion, some forum every day was brought out tens of thousands of the chain is not surprising, therefore some doubt: things are rare, the forum signature and effect? This binary into today’s topic, share personal views:


A: poor stability. The search engine has a rule, indefinite time will have the index to snapshot update again, to index the content of the latest storage. But there is one principle: to judge the quality of content, if the content of the website for the high quality and many people will click on indexed storage. But a long time is a collection of content, still do not have to click, and do not update, will be deleted from the library, to clear the soluble information. General types such as blog sites, in each index of search engine has very few snapshot of the phenomenon is put forward. But the forum is different, a large amount of update of the forum, every day tens of millions of indexed by search engines, but not all of these contents are useful, so when the content is indexed by search engines, but in the face of the follow-up mechanism review does not pass, will be put off snapshot. So this is the webmaster often said, why BBS signature of the chain is not stable in the.

: a forum signature

two: BBS signature inferior

B: link weight low. There are several links general website content page? Will not exceed a maximum of 3.

forum signature although there are other advantages compared to flash but unfortunately, however, nothing is perfect, the forum signature also has its disadvantages.

for a high weight and signature can be linked and Forum Forum, is undoubtedly the most owners welcome. In fact, such forums are webmaster figure. As we all know, with the extrusion of the competitive environment, the chain extension also entered the fast growth period, now links is how difficult, they might even be removed links, a webmaster has deep experience. So webmaster spotted the forum signature, either post, to post with the chain can sleep without any anxiety, even such as: A5, discuz, 28tui, why, Shanghai dragon behind, such as the home of the webmaster forum link can achieve the effect. Therefore, the increase of the chain, the other way to make every day dozens of links is really not easy, can be in BBS signature? Just send post That’s all., grasp every day make hundreds of the chain in place is not difficult. In contrast, forum signature advantage is remarkable: time-saving, labor-saving and efficient.

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