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according to the different types of websites, we have different layout optimization strategy. Medical websites we mainly take successful and cost-effective to explain, we mainly take the hottest video website video to speak, the general business station is on the main industry sales to prove. Shanghai dragon Er do not start to this effect, through some comprehensive statistical data to promote the use of learned website advantage. The key to this advantage is the website of the target user group.

1, according to the manufacturer. To understand what manufacturers need to get information, manufacturers generally is the main export is we said to sell, then they must have understood the same industry between the price and the stone itself, and we also talked about the premise we are aiming at "imported stone", then there is a protruding point is named domestic and imported stone different. That this kind of forum, the best display form of the forum is to ask questions.

2, according to the customer. Stand in the customer perspective, we need to know their information retrieval is to buy, is the need to use the. The principle of goods than three home, many will choose, then we will highlight the advantages of their own. This advantage is not only the body.

website optimization focus is also different, these days a lot of group of friends have said can not understand, in a very good keywords ranking, estimated flow into the case of web traffic is inversely proportional to the. According to our definition of keywords ranking index, this completely irrational, where is the reason? The author Dennis to ask is, the target user group you precise

first, we must understand the trend is the word in the industry users, through the search we observed user group information search is mainly in the type of stone and stone pictures in love Shanghai, especially on the contrast images of different types of stone. Here we find that even with that information, we are still not able to understand our target user group, the main group is defined in the manufacturers or customers in positioning itself. Then, we divided into two ways:


user experience is the key of the website rankings, now is the basis of network marketing, also is the basic point of the search engine algorithm rules. What are we planning was valued in the website Shanghai Longfeng interests? Is the keywords ranking web site traffic is?? is the online sales rate? This series after all belong to a progressive trend, they are driven up step by step, in order to network sales target. The key is early, how are we going to let users buy? Or ranking in the website traffic and keywords. Of course, can not be said to be only the keywords ranking, also have a group of friends said PC keyword index is very high also did not give the site a lot of traffic as before, this is the key.


today that we "imported stone" as an example to analyze how the target user group to improve website ranking techniques and web traffic problems.

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