to get a good ranking in the search engine, it must comply with the search engine ranking mechanism, judge the value of the site naturally from the server whether the normal operation of the first analysis, and the search engine also expressed not what research use natural search engine to its very poor impression. Do website optimization, we must first have a stable server, normal evaluation period is the test of whether the normal operation of the site. When your site server is not stable, the harm is many, the most important thing is to affect the user experience, resulting in the site keywords ranking is not stable, the content included, website snapshot delay etc..

3, friends of the chain to the site, the problem caused by joint liability

is not so important, but cannot be ruled out is not affected, when you site exchange chain problems still need treatment as soon as possible according to the situation, such as joint liability caused by the K station.

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often see many websites love Shanghai snapshot delay, let many webmaster friends feel helpless and tangled. In fact, there are many reasons for the love of Shanghai caused by the snapshot delay, but the most important reason is that the customer (or owners) their own web site does not update (update rules) caused by. If the web site regularly to update the website, basically there is no snapshot delay, release the spider crawling, the content is very timely.

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, the web server is not stable

this is one of many sites like Shanghai most, the most common cause of snapshot delay. First of all, say the website content quality, not simply to update the content on it, this is very important, the best content is station content updates on the user’s point of view, most customers you want to know what we know, what, to update the content is very necessary; not only to cope with the updated web spider, copy and paste, reprint, temporarily may be a little bit of good, long is bad. Is the most simple example, you will be the years of to eat a meal? I think you will be tired, the spider is like oh. Second about the update frequency, this is the need to own according to the website, according to their time to adjust and treat specific conditions. About third update rules and the relatively important point, network spiders to dine with us is the same, you have a good grasp of the law, every day to 12 points when we know what to eat lunch, do not eat it will be hungry, the spider is the same, good is this rule according to our time to adjust you are holding it, every time the frequency of your web server will know what is the best time to update the results, what time do not have to manage it, do these very easy.

The cause of The

4, website right down, K station, resulting in Shahe reasons

2, the quality of website content, update frequency, rule

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