today website construction company to see a debate about "love Shanghai new algorithm in the A5 forum, the Commissioner of the chain to the end of the article, this article has a total of two points, Affirmative view is" love Shanghai new algorithm of the Commissioner of the chain end. Love Shanghai a "super chain cheating algorithm upgrade" of the imperial edict issued, there are rumors of a large number of network companies have been closed down, depending on the visible support of the chain website ranking number from Shanghai dragon Er, so the chain Commissioner naturally unemployed. Have you found any webmaster exchange group suddenly deserted? "," love is the point of view of Shanghai new algorithm chain Commissioner not to the end. A local search engine, a link. The search engine and how to upgrade, the chain is always a factor in ranking sites, but its importance has been cut, the Commissioner of the chain to strengthen Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, master the method of obtaining the high quality of the chain, relying on the high quality of the chain to kick run."


love Shanghai algorithm update is against hyperlink cheating, but not completely deny the role of the chain website ranking. For now look at what the site has the strong ranking from the chain effect, for the love of Shanghai algorithm update, the Commissioner of the chain need to do is to recognize that the chain is outside the chain with the chain, those who have counterproductive. If the hair is still a pass, with a lantern on the toilet. Now a lot of the chain commissioner is in charge of the issue of Shanghai Longfeng tasks, such as today to ensure the number of stickers, today to exchange many of the friends of the chain, today to ensure that the number of the chain is included and so on, you’ll find that the work is related to the amount of charge to bring little Shanghai dragon chain flow the flow of the conversion rate, ranking the chain on the site is of much help and so on. So, Shanghai, the Commissioner of the chain should not only finish, pumping some time to look at the effect of the chain of us, so that we can work more fulfilling. I said that the Commissioner of the chain should have their own ideas, have their analytical skills, not only do the executive, when the Commissioner of the chain have their own thoughts, no matter how the outside pressure, as long as the chain has a promoting effect on the website ranking, as long as the chain can bring to the site traffic, bring order, bring the Commissioner of the chain business, and the value of existence.

from the top of this figure was that support the people at the same time, I am also one of them. Because I love Shanghai foreign encyclopedia chain specialist is defined as: "to provide specialized services for the construction of the chain website, website keywords help to get a good ranking position." Saidpopular, Commissioner of the chain is through the construction of the chain to improve website rankings, as long as the rankings chain help, the Commissioner of the chain has the value of existence, the Commissioner of the chain will not unemployment.

of course, if you want to completely save "the chain commissioner", or need to change the charge of Shanghai dragon. A comparison of the victory of the war is often determined by the commander, as a commander to win if it is necessary to have a correct operation >

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