, basically ask the company, consulting founder background what is a normal question and answer, is also very easy to pass.

with the keyword "Ocean Terminal" search results as an example, the first screen for Ocean Terminal related information, from top to bottom is the official website, the Wikipedia entry, Shanghai library, Shanghai Post Bar love love NetEase, science and technology, Tencent贵族宝贝, world forum, investment industry, science and technology, network related news and information Sohu.

before the brand keywords optimization, we need to do is to understand the corporate brand keywords competitors or of the same type are how to occupy.

so, want to quickly capture the brand keyword search results on the first screen, select 10 brand keywords from the implantation of dozens of sites, recommended to do free is also the site of UGC.

love Shanghai home are high, Wikipedia, know, experience, Post Bar, library, tourism is belonged to the UGC community, submitted brand keywords related implant information are free.


Objective to optimize the brand keywords loveProduct weight

(snow Orange gold dress love Shanghai know)

, different from the search engine traffic into Shanghai dragon, to brand keyword search results occupy the company’s first screen, it is a kind of endorsement said the company’s strength from the side, a good brand can promote the transformation of your keyword optimization, to recruit more suitable talents.


(Ocean Terminal search results)

entrepreneurial Internet Co goes into operation for more than a year, under normal circumstances, the brand is the brand keyword keyword search results will naturally occupy the first screen. As a particular brand of high requirements of the start-up companies, to be able to search results to manual intervention, because it is to show the brand keywords Zhibuding a Tucao content.

love Shanghai 1)The optimization of brand keywords in Shanghai love to know

1. Shanghai

observation of many enterprises within the same industry several keyword search results in the same way, the search engine can be found in the first snapshot of screen display, basically is the following search weight high site information.

in the snow below, with Orange gold dress and a Book of Shanghai Longfeng practical experience, the first screen in 30 days to talk about how to capture brand keywords search results.


fell in love with the sea brand keyword search box enter Post Bar, if there is no this can create a free, it is available in this ongoing sign posts, "

(snow Orange gold dress brand keywords optimization)

Post Bar love Shanghai

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